Support Skeptics in the Pub

Hosting for Skeptics in the Pub is adding up. Currently we have hosting from Dreamhost for this site and The CUSP plus 2 meetup accounts. Meetup allow 3 groups per account. With the planning for Napier/Hawkes Bay I'll soon be starting a third account also.

Since May, 2009 I've covered the cost of this myself with the exception of a $1000 grant from the New Zealand Skeptics Society (which totally blew me away). However, I'm about to embark on something of a journey and during this time I'm not going to have any form of income, which will also mean supporting NZSitP is going to become a strain on my very limited resources.

Given the popularity of Skeptics in the Pub in New Zealand I'm hoping that the generosity of it's members will extend to helping out with the cost of hosting the sites that keep it going.

...and now for the awkward begging bit...

To the right of this page there's a subscription form and a donation button. The subscription form is a regular payment that will go towards offsetting the cost of hosting. It's run through PayPal and will allow for a fire and forget support option. There's a number options laid out in terms I thing people can relate too. :)

If you don't want to use PayPal for the recurring donation you can set up an automatic payment directly into my bank account. This was requested by a member who isn't that keen on PayPal.

I bank with The National Bank;
Account name: Gold
Account number: 06-0801-0565191-50

The other option is the Dreamhost donation button. This is a oneshot donation option that will go straight into my account at Dreamhost and straight onto any invoices that appear there.