"A skeptic is one who prefers beliefs and conclusions that are reliable and valid to ones that are comforting or convenient, and therefore rigorously and openly applies the methods of science and reason to all empirical claims, especially their own. A skeptic provisionally proportions acceptance of any claim to valid logic and a fair and thorough assessment of available evidence, and studies the pitfalls of human reason and the mechanisms of deception so as to avoid being deceived by others or themselves. Skepticism values method over any particular conclusion." - Dr. Steven Novella of The New England Skeptics and The Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast.

Registration bug and contact form bug

Sorry to post here but the contact form doesn't work! Trying to send this message with it gave me "Validation error, please try again. If this error persists, please contact the site administrator." Which is of course funny because it is the only way given to contact the site administrator.

So anyways here's the other bug I wanted to contact the site administrator about:

When I visited the URL http://skepticsinthepub.net.nz/user/register there was an error box at the top of the page:

Any Hamiltonian skeptics out there?

I'm looking at driving up to AK for one of their meet ups but I'd love to go to something a bit closer to home.
Anyone else out there be keen?

Homoeopaths sell fake vaccines

http://www.endohealth.co.nz/ - is selling such items as Homoeopathic immunisation and "travel kits" which offer such remedies as "Natrium Muriaticum 200C Nat Mur - This will protect against all types of Malaria...." and Remedy "Haemophilus 200" and disease "H I B" (this abbreviation is for Haemophilus influenzae type B which causes severe pneumonia and meningitis in infants).

Made-up medicine works on made-up illnesses

ACUPUNCTURE has been shown to be extremely effective amongst people who have nothing wrong with them. An academic study has shown that the majority of patients reporting mystery symptoms stopped pretending they had them when someone poked at them with a cocktail stick.

Thread layout

What is the general feeling regarding the thread layout?

Sorry I can't think of the correct terminology to phrase this, so you'll have to excuse me..

I find the structure a little chaotic. Does anyone else think a more linear (as opposed to the "nesting" that is currently occurring) style would be better? Is it possible to change it? Is it a better choice and I'm just unfamiliar?


Planning activism

The goal of this meetup was to attract a group that was more interested in actually doing something more than socialising in a pub. I think this was achieved. Those that showed up had info and ideas to share. There were also others that expressed interest in attending but were unable to do so with it being on a Monday so I'm thinking of doing a similar schedule as the Christchurch meetups. These were held once a fortnight on alternating Mondays and Tuesdays. I'll poll the group about this.

Response to simillimum

The final post to the article at the Taranaki Daily News was one that required a bit more time to respond too. It's been about 2 weeks now since I posted the reply and in that time I've posted it twice. I'm not sure about their posting policy but it appears that they may get closed off, Big Homeo are suppressing the facts ;) or just plain ignored after a certain time period. Either way, right of reply is something that can't be taken away with todays tech.


The Nightingale Collaboration

This was discussed when the meeting on activism was held, and it's a good time to put up some more information about it and perhaps consider what to do next in terms of getting organised into doing something like this.

Link to the site: http://www.nightingale-collaboration.org/

Bad History....The Cartwright Report

With any historical material as a whole you have to rely that the account given by the historian is an accurate account and reflect the historical record fairly. In most cases, this is done and there have been many excellent writings on any particular topic. The problem is when they don't it can be difficult to tell with revisionist historical accounts which is the factual material and which isn't or whether the topic is represented fairly.

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