"A skeptic is one who prefers beliefs and conclusions that are reliable and valid to ones that are comforting or convenient, and therefore rigorously and openly applies the methods of science and reason to all empirical claims, especially their own. A skeptic provisionally proportions acceptance of any claim to valid logic and a fair and thorough assessment of available evidence, and studies the pitfalls of human reason and the mechanisms of deception so as to avoid being deceived by others or themselves. Skepticism values method over any particular conclusion." - Dr. Steven Novella of The New England Skeptics and The Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast.

UK Alt-Med Practitioners Are Feeling The Pain....

Via JREF, it seems that the Nightingale Collaboration is having an effect.

"Evidence emerged this week that alternative medicine practitioners in England are feeling considerable pain caused by the ongoing work of skeptical activists.

Meetup and outside events

Hey all,

Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on posting events on Meetup to other organisations events?

Nerdnite here in Welly gets a good turnout and I'm just about to post one for the Humanist Society. Thought this would be a good time to gauge peoples thoughts on this.


Humanists Society in Wellington

Hey all,

I'm heading along to this tonight in case anyone else was interested...

First Hamilton Meetup: Theme

Do we want to have a theme for the first meetup? This could influence other aspects of the gathering. Speaker, quiz etc.


First Hamilton Meetup: Date

Hey guys,

Just looking at the calendar, could I suggest a Friday meetup for the first event? The trip there and back is quite a way so managing one during the week would be impractical for me.


Don't be vague (poem)

I liked this a lot..


(warning not suitable for post modernists or shrinking violets..)


Is The HPV Vaccine Safe? V 2.0

Information is Beautiful does some amazingly cool things.

link to IoB post

Cheers to Derek Colanduno for the link.

NZ women slutty - doctor

NZ women promiscuous - doctor: A Timaru gynaecologist

Skepticism of scientific research

I recently wrote a series about health science myths, with the finale about the widespread biases in scientific research: http://gracefool.posterous.com/why-90-of-the-published-medical-informati...

It's essential and shocking reading, and highlights how we need to be skeptical about everything we're told, no matter how supposedly authoritative the source is.

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