Thread layout

What is the general feeling regarding the thread layout?

Sorry I can't think of the correct terminology to phrase this, so you'll have to excuse me..

I find the structure a little chaotic. Does anyone else think a more linear (as opposed to the "nesting" that is currently occurring) style would be better? Is it possible to change it? Is it a better choice and I'm just unfamiliar?


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Very flexible

Drupal, the CMS we're using is quite flexible. There are a number of modules that allow us to modify the layoutof the forums. Out of the box the forum style isn't exactly what you'd call "standard" I.e. the phpBB or vBulletin style.

I'll have a look at some options when I get into the office and present them for consideration.

Great it'll be good to see

Great it'll be good to see some options.

I like the content here that I've read so far, some very good discussions.

Heh. Despite the recent

Heh. Despite the recent signal to noise ratio. ;)

I think we've got a reasonable group here but we do need to engage in more conversation. I think most people are just busy getting on with the task of living and there's a fair number of NZSitP members that don't actually know about this main site. is a great tool but many people that find NZSitP through there don't actually find this main site.

I think that having "drive

I think that having "drive bys" from the likes of smartgirl are good, though I really wish I could be more like some of you that manage to maintain a fair approach to debating.

I tend to resort to piss taking too much as soon as I get exasperated with the way the discourse is going.

Ah well something to work on......

It's something I have to reel

It's something I have to reel in too. :)

I just wanted to say I vastly

I just wanted to say I vastly prefer the threaded format to the linear ones. I find linear ones, and facebook immediately springs to mind, frustrating because you tend to have to specify who you are responding to. Thrededness removes that ambiguity. On the other hand on several times I've been caught out by 'reply' not being a reply to what I thought it was and thus starting a new thread so maybe that's a small piece of the interface that could be improved as I've noticed others posting in a way that suggests that are striking the samething.