The Styrofoam Tour


Hey all,

An update and potential Swag.

The Styrofoam Tour is official. Geo referred to it as that in . First time I've ever named a tour before. :) Anyway, it's happening. Venue to be determined, but the Christchurch event is likely to be upstairs at The Twisted Hop.

We're after an idea of the sort of uptake we'll be getting at the Events. Post here if you're interested and set your comment subject to the venue you'll be attending. We're still working out if we'll be selling tickets. If they are to go on sale the price should be very low. In the gold coin donation to $15 range (hopefully, at least in Chch). Any fee will go towards offsetting the cost of the event.

Tee Shirt Front

Tee Shirt Back

Catherine Donaldson of Faster Pussycat Productions has produced a number marketing items, mostly graphical in nature, for the locations that are hosting him to do with as they please. To this end, Andrew Gould of the Rational Capital podcast in Canberra, Oz, has put up the Tee Shirt design on Zazzle. The I <3 Geo Tee shirts aren't the cheapest out there and due to the nature of the offering from Catherine we can set up another outlet if we can find somewhere cheaper and local. Also, I'd prefer mine black with white writing, not the other way around.

So, in summary;

  • Who is interested in coming along?
  • Is anyone interested in either a bulk order from Zazzle?
  • ...or able to provide advise on a local printer that can do these cheaper?
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will book flights soon

always keen for a beer at la twisted hop, so will head down to the shakey isle.

as for T-shirt, we used to use Arbi monograms, they do do screen printing to from memory

and used to be good to deal with too.

Posted to Dunedin ...

OK, I've officially informed the Dunedin SitP crowd. With the offer of combining travel in my car *if* I get a pass to Chch (after what happened last week! Didn't see you in The Hop on Friday ...) and enough interest in sharing driving &c ... :-)

Yeah... After Thursday I

Yeah... After Thursday I wasn't feeling like I could afford another night out. :/ Money is stupid.

I'm in, already informed

I'm in, already informed everyone I'll be in Christchurch on the first of December.

Are you selling tix for chch Gold

And BTW I see that Geo has mastered the art of time travel and performed a Gig in Auckland on 8 November, I am tempted to tounge in cheek write a review......

Note this is not the correct link.

Re: Are you selling tix for chch Gold


Have added a new block on the top left column for Upcoming Tours.

All the links are there.

Ticketing link for Rebecca in Auckland should be ready Monday.

An excellent evening!

What a great night that was, at the Hop. Thanks for making this happen, Gold!

I snarfed the "Ask George" question cards ... in no particular order, here they are :-

  • What unscientific idea do you dislike most?
  • How much money would Pluto have to slip the judges to get re-admitted into the League Of Planets(tm)?
  • Not a question - just an apology. We're sorry we let Ray Comfort out of Christchurch.
  • What is your favourite language?
  • Given infinite resources and no logistical problems, what would be your ideal touring setup?
  • What's your favourite cognitive bias, and why?
  • We might only hear you perform once, but _you_ hear your own songs all the time. Do you ever get bored performing?
  • You obviously are a skilled performer, but what do you see as your main role in the skepticism movement?
  • How is your Mum?
  • Did you meet any nice sheep in Australia?
  • What guitar is that you have?
  • Any tips for how to retain civility in the face of repeated imbicility?
  • Boxers or briefs?
  • If you could travel to any planet, which one would it be? And why?
  • What is your favourite book? (fiction)
  • How long does Geologic spend in post-production each week?
  • Why in America does religion & non-ctirical thinking thrive to the degree it does, compared to the Scandinavian countries?
  • What was the most emotionally challenging song for you to write, and why?
  • What is the best woo you've ever come across?
  • In your expert opinion, what should I feed my baby crocoduck?
  • Please explain to the audience your insane travel itinerary. Do you realise this is the profile of a drug mule?
  • What is the most ridiculous alternative medicine you have ever heard of and why?
  • Can you explain contemporary physics with legions of subatomic gnomes?
  • What is your favourite season and why?
  • If you had to give a B.J. to either Ted Haggard or Benny Hinn, who would you blow?
  • If you were marooned on a desert island with nothing but food, water, a generator, headphones and a CD player, what 5 albums would you mist like to take to listen to? Supplementary question: who would you most like for company out of Chris Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennet, Sam Harris?
  • What is your favourite element?
  • Why do they keep telling us that the moon landing took place in 69 when quite clearly it did not?
  • Of the 2,500-odd religions, which is your favourite? And why? Or you can tick a box: Virgins, Best Music, Best temples, Most gold, Other, Choir-Boys
  • Richard Feynman, the genius physicist, taught himself to play the drums. Can you explain quantum electrodynamics to us please?
  • Cameron has been dreaming of a bald threesome with you, him and Gold; are you game? I can record if you wish.
  • If there was one question you wanted to be asked, what would the answer be? (not the question)
  • Describe why placebo effect works
  • Can you ride a unicycle?
  • Who would win in a fight between a baboon and a badger?
  • What is the 46th most dangerous animal in New Zealand?
  • Did the earth move for you? (i.e. ever been in an earthquake?)
  • Who's your tailor? Can I have his number?
  • Ever edited your own wikipedia page?
  • If you had to give up oral sex or cheese, what would it be?
  • How often, with whom, and why?
  • Pencil or pen?
  • What are your thoughts on natural mutation?
  • How many other skeptical podcasters have you met in person?

Fantastic evening

What a great night out, I had me a blast