Site Update : roles

Hey all,

I've made some changes to the way the forums and users work. We have a new role that is required to be able to post to the forum. This is the skeptic role. Everyone currently on the site should have had it applied to their user account. New members will not initially have this role. After 3 days it shall be applied to their account automatically. Hopefully this will prevent spammers from bothering with us.

There are also a few new forums.

We have a new moderated section where there are rules that need to be followed. Failure to follow the rules may result in your post being deleted. There's a new Hidden Comment module in place that will allow a comment to be hidden from view and replaced with a reason for it being removed. This will allow posters to know why their comment was removed and potentially challenge it should they chose to.

Repeat offenders may find themselves introduced to the other new section of the site. We have a Dungeon. If sent here this will be the only place you'll be able to post for a while. This may be a temporary sentence or it may last longer than that for real trolls.

These last two items are an attempt to keep some form of sanity within the forums and to encourage and foster constructive conversation. Smartgirl, I'm looking at you.

These are new features and haven't been road tested much. Any problems, please use the a href="">Contact form.

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Good stuff. Hope it makes for

Good stuff. Hope it makes for more focused discussion.