Roadtrip to the first meetup

So, it looks like there's at least one carload heading from Wellington to Hamilton for the first meetup. There may even be one from Auckland. Now to see how many more we can get...

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Wellington -> Palmy -> Hamilton

Hey guys,

Just checking out driving directions for the Hamilton meetup ( and it looks to be a 7 hour straight run. If we can depart Wellington at 7 on the dot we can get there in time for the start of things. Although given the early start and our own comfort I don't see any issue with a break along the way and an arrival a bit after the 'official' start.

It looks to be a 2 hour drive to Palmy so if we can get a car from there also they should be able to aim for a 9am departure.


Train to Paraparaumu

Hi all,

My car to Hamilton will be departing from Paraparaumu, as that's where I live.

I suggest that anyone who would like a space in my car gets a train from Wellington station to Paraparaumu station.

Trains from Wellington on the Kapiti line on a Saturday morning depart at 6.14, 7.14, 7.44, etc. and are scheduled to arrive at Paraparaumu 55 minutes later.

So, if anyone coming with me catches the 7.14 from Wellington, I can be at the Paraparaumu station ready to go when the train gets there at 8.09-ish.


Will aim for 7.14am

Excellent. :)

I'm an early riser anyway so I can catch an extra hour sleep on the train. :) I'll be aiming for the 7.14.

Drop me a txt on 0212484653 and catch your number from that. Probably better to arrange a non-net based communication channel just in case. ;)

Just picked up my ticket.

Just picked up my ticket. Didn't know that you could also pay cash on the train. Handy. :)


If anyone is passing through PN and wants a bed on the Friday or home on the Sunday (I have 2 spares) then please get in touch. Can't make it to Hamilton as, oddly enough, I'll be in Wellington on the Saturday night.

As a data point, Hamilton is about a 5hr drive from PN.