The Nightingale Collaboration

This was discussed when the meeting on activism was held, and it's a good time to put up some more information about it and perhaps consider what to do next in terms of getting organised into doing something like this.

Link to the site:

What they do: The Nightingale Collaboration challenges questionable claims made by healthcare practitioners on their websites, in adverts and in their promotional and sales materials by bringing these to the attention of the appropriate regulatory bodies. We also strive to ensure that organisations representing healthcare practitioners have robust codes of conduct for their members that protect the public and that these are enforced.

They had homeopathy as the focus for the month in March:

Our Advertising Standards Authority is here: There are various codes that may apply, with the most relevant being Therapeutic products, Therapeutic services, weight management and ethics. When making a complaint, it's very important to be specific about which code and which parts of it you think are being breached as otherwise, they won't accept the complaint.

Just as an aside, here is the website for our own anti-vax crowd since that was a hot topic too: They are more active than most people think. (please note, the "michelle" commenting on the blog isn't me!)

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