New Skeptics in the Pub for Hawkes Bay

It appears we have interest from Hawkes Bay also.

Steve Darroch should be joining the forums soon, if he's not already a member. If you're from the Hawkes Bay region and are interested in helping out or just coming along now would be a great time to make yourself known. :)

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Welcome to Hawkes Bay Skeptics

Thanks for the direction here Gold.
I am hope to get a Skeptics Group going in the Bay. I moved here with my Skeptic wife a couple of months ago and we see a gap in the market up here.
Recognised myself as a skeptic through Richard Dawkins writing and the Skeptics Guide to the Universe I am sure they must be Skeptics out there in the Bay. Hope to start a regular Skeptics in the Pub meeting and create a commnity to discuss, support and grow. Also hope to be as family and woman friendly as possible. Please get in touch if you would like to join the community. There is a FB Page!/groups/HBSkeptics/ and email HBSkeptics [at] groups [dot] facebook [dot] com

Not a problem. :)I'm just in

Not a problem. :)

I'm just in the process of setting up the group for you. "Hawkes Bay" isn't a town on the list though. Which town/city will you be hosting the event at?


...and looking at your profile, I'm going to assume Napier. :)

Can you confirm that before I commit to the meetup location. This is one of the bits of data that can't be changed after the group has been made.


Yes GOLD despite the tension between Napier and Hastings - Napier is the Skeptics in the pub location.

Heh. :) Not aware of the

Heh. :) Not aware of the tension between Napier and Hastings. It sounds light-hearted though.

So, should I do Napier SitP? How likely is it that you'll get people from the surrounding city/townships?

Hi Gold - we will see. Not

Hi Gold - we will see. Not sure about surrounding towns - think there must be people around - but I think the Bay may suffer with lack of university. Struggling a bit to find people. Trying as hard as I can - any thoughts on rounding people up? Have an advert in the local rag, FB Page, something going in the next skeptics mag, posted on the skeptics and humanists page on FB and here of course. So far a bit silent.
The only other member of our FB page suggested something at the Eastern Institute of Technology - our local academic institution - which is a good idea.
Will keep you posted. Any suggestions appreciated.

You've hit most of the

You've hit most of the initial places I'd have suggested. Not knowing the academic environment there I can't offer specifics but I'd consider learning institutions. Anything level is fine. There's a lot of woo out there for various learning techniques that pray on those that don't know any better.

Also consider approaching scientific organisations. NIWA, the Royal Society, the Science Media Center. Anywhere there's a potential list of qualified people distributed over the country that are likely to be interested. This crowd also makes for a good source of speakers too.

Thanks Gold -

Thanks Gold -

Skeptics in Hawkes Bay

I am a member of the local Freethinkers group and the Hawkes Bay Humanists and Rationalists. Freethinkers meets second Sunday of the month and Rationalists and Humanists first Sunday. These groups include people with a variety of perspectives, both men and women.Probably some would describe themselves as Skeptics Several members are also members of the New Zealand Association of Ratioanalists and Humanists.
Do you want to set up a separate group or coordinate with either or both of these existing groups? Let me know and I can help you follow up.


Hi Jww
Well that is exciting. Sounds like we probably are talking about one group. I would be interested in meeting up. Is there a website or email group. Look forward to hearing from you.

Sounds like there's a

Sounds like there's a reasonable number of people that could be sourced for a new group.

My experiences with people from these other groups is that they tend to be more motivated by the theistic aspects of these things and selectively apply critical/rational thought across the board. In particular I've found alt-med practitioners and conspiracy theorists to be present in these groups. They do tend to be a minority and they're entertaining to debate, but the constant lack of ability to grok basic logical fallacies and changing the topic when ever cornered on a point of fact gets tiresome faster than you'd think.

Social groups like this are also in short supply. The more the merrier in my mind. :) From reading above there's 2 days a month for this sort of activity. There's room for more. :)

Sounds like there's a

Thanks Gold noted. We will press on and see how we go - picked up a few more people.

Excellent. We should get the

Excellent. We should get the meetup group setup asap. I'm running out of time to be able to make it to your first meeting.


My personal preference is for the more targeted approach in case other locations in the bay decide they have enough to start up (and the drive to Napier is just that wee bit too far).

Follow up

Hello Steve
There is some detail of the Hawkes Bay Rationalists and Humanists at but the site is not up to date.
I would also encourage you to look at
The NZARH has been very helpful in providing financial and other support to help set up the Hawkes Bay group.
There have been some good presentations in the last year by local members and by members of the Auckland NZARH.
The group meets next on Sun Dec 4 at the Havelock North Comunity Centre 30 Te Mata Road Havelock North at 1900. This meeting is a seasonal social meeting with members and others bringing plates to share and some wine. You are welcome to come and meet everyone then if you wish.
Also if you would like to get together with me for a cup of coffee so I can give you background on both groups (Hawkes Bay Rationalist and Humanists and Freethinkers)let me know.

Best Regards

Catch Up

Hi Jww
Would be good to catch up for a coffee.
My email is Steve [dot] Darroch [at] gmail [dot] com
Will make time to meet.

Thursday 8th at the Gin Trap 7pm

How are people placed if we meet on Thursday 8th at the Gin Trap 7pm? This is not an official Skeptics in the Pub - but a chance to meet and chat and plan. Let me know.
Gold - we will have an offical first in January - thinking last Thursday in January 26th if your free for the launch - Steve

First Official HB Skeptics in the Pub

Hi All - Particularly GOLD
After our unofficial meeting we are launching Hawkes Bay Skeptics in the Pub on Thursday 26th January 2012 Gin Trap Ahuriri Napier
All Welcome - expect good representation from Humanists Freethinkers and Bay Skeptics
7pm - see you there!!
Steve D

Thursday 26th January 7pm Gin Trap Ahuriri - Jan Meeting

Hi All

Welcome to the New Year. Hope you are all enjoying the break.
Just a quick reminder for the diary - Thursday 26th January 7pm Gin Trap Ahuriri - First Official Hawkes Bay Skeptics in the Pub. Feel free to invite people or forward me email addressing of people I should be inviting.
If you want to keep in touch through other media try
or Hawkes Bay Skeptics in the Pub

We are likely to discuss Fluoridation and Fire Walking amongst other things.
Look forward to seeing you there.