"New Image" colostrum and stem cells

I listened to a good 'Mediawatch' podcast this morning. You can listen online here:

Great to hear a skeptical view on a mainstream radio station, but it was a concern to hear that Maori TV (and other stations) had effectively promoted dubious health claims from a Multi Level Marketing company "New Image".

The NBR article is also a regurgitation of a press-release from the company:

All very well them making nearly $100m a year ($15m profit) and dropping the Fonterra name into the mix (and a supposed link to stem cell therapies), but they don't seem to be conducting any research - in particular clinical trials at all.

Have been digging around the companies sites, and they do link to some papers, but the papers I have read, don't seem to be relevant to the companies product at all. The company also sells things like a magic 'Powerpill' product for improving car fuel efficiency: http://www.newimageasia.com/powerpill.htm

Some of wording on the site, certainly raises alarm bells for me:

"...we believe that colostrum has the 'power' to provide the foundation for health that every human requires in today's toxic environment"

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"but they don't seem to be

"but they don't seem to be conducting any research"....of course not, why spend money when they can go running straight to the bank by selling it without any evidence at all.