Keynote Speaker - Vicki Hyde of NZ Skeptics Inc

Announcing a new Meetup for Christchurch Skeptics in the Pub!

What: Keynote Speaker - Vicki Hyde of NZ Skeptics Inc

When: Tuesday, January 26, 2010 6:00 PM

The Twisted Hop
6 Poplar Street

An evening of Critical Thinking in two parts. Following on with my goal of having at least one Speaker a month I thought it would be fitting to have the keynote for the year being presented by Vicki Hyde, Chair Entity of NZ Skeptics Inc. Vicki has kindly agreed with me on this.

Part The First:
Vicki will speak on the current state of play in New Zealand, plans for NZ Skeptics Inc, things that may be worth keeping an eye on over the coming months and pretty much anything else she wants to talk about.

The location of this is yet to be confirmed (currently checking options at CPIT) so please keep an eye on the event. I'll update as details become available.

Part Two point Oh:
The location of the talk should be within easy walking distance of The Twisted Hop where we will converge afterwards from 7pm. If you can't make the talk feel free to turn up at The Twisted Hop at any time you like. There should be a decent group descending on the bar after the talk.

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Location booked.

Hey all,

Sorry for the delay, I've been in Wellington for the last 4 days at a conference dedicated to the Content Management System that this site is built in. I'm currently sitting in Mojo at Wellington Airport, trying to get this info out before my flight boards. So...

The years keynote, by Vicki Hyde, will be held in Lecture room N104 at CPIT. The lecture room is on the ground floor and N block is in the lower middle of the map below.

See you all there.