John Cleese and Michael Palin debate religion

I thought folks here might enjoy this:

It's a bit slow to start with but definitely worth it by the end.

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Cheers! Just added it to

Cheers! Just added it to tonights watch list.

Thanks for that. :)

Thanks for that. :)


...I'm watching it right now. =)

Just watched it and it was

Just watched it and it was brilliant! Cleese was in fine form. Both him and Palin had an absolutely Sisyphean task against those two wily old obscurantists.

Hitch wrote a great piece on Muggeridge about ten years ago.

"THERE ARE NUMBERLESS WAYS in which the faithful may taunt, or perhaps I should better say tease, the unbeliever. One such tactic--and for my money the most irritating--is to say that God believes in you, even if you can't return the compliment. Another is to contrast the modest simplicity of belief with the contortions of the malcontent intellectual. "Don't mind me," says the humble friar or devoted nun, brushing past on some modest errand of altruism. "I'm just doing the Lord's work."

Those of us who experience difficulty in recognizing this as genuine humility always used to have a fine old time at the expense of Malcolm Muggeridge, the centennial of whose birth in 1903 has caused a small flurry of notice this year, thirteen years after his death in 1990. Here was a man ever-ready to uncork a sermon about the fallen state of the species and the pathetic vanity of our earthly desires--all while he was notorious as an apostle of carnality and a ringmaster at the circus of his own self-promotion. Every personality type in the eternal argument over divinity is to be discerned in John Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress," that founding text of Protestant fundamentalism. And it was there in "Pilgrim's Progress"--winding between Vanity Fair and Doubting Castle, encountering the likes of "Great-Heart," "Mr. Standfast," and "Little-Faith"--that one seemed to have the best chance to catch the lineaments of Muggeridge. He was Mr. Worldly Wiseman................"

The rest can be found here