Is Homeopathy just water?


But you don't need to take my word for it. We have the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths themselves admitting in January of 2010 that it is nothing more than water. I quote from their spokeswoman Mary Glaisyer:

"theres not one molecule of the original substance remaining" source-

If there is more than water in the bottle it's not Homeopathy.

A Homeopath can give you comfort, general advice about a healthy lifestyle, false hope and a vial of extremely expensive water.

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Admitting that - what?- is nothing more than water?

Were they referring to

a) what is currently stocked on the shelves in pharmacies?

b)homeopathy in general?

Which one?


...and given you need to ask this at all suggests that you weren't actually aware of this. It'll be interesting to see how you react to this information.

SG: are you aware how homeopathy is manufactured?

They admitted that any

A & B

They admitted that any product that is sold as a homeopathic remedy has not one molecule of the original substance remaining.

Unless someone is being dodgy and sneaking in Antibiotics or Analgesics etc, if they do that then it becomes Medicine not Homeopathy.

......" a recent survey

......" a recent survey showed that 94% of New Zealanders using homeopathic products aren´t aware of this basic fact - their homeopath or health professional hasn´t disclosed this. The customers believe they are paying for the substances listed on the box, but those were only in the water once upon a time before the massive dilution process began - along with everything else that the water once had in it -- the chlorine, the beer, the urine." source-

Smartgirl, if you were unaware of the nature of how deceitful Homeopaths are don't take it badly, as the quote above states 94% of those using Homeopathy have no idea that they are being scammed.

Typical reaction?

Looks like we may have challenged SG beyond her ability to rationalise her position.

I think you are right. Also I

I think you are right. Also I think requiring a level of engagement more than "spray and walk away" has somewhat disarmed her.

I may have to answer my own question to her....

May as well. She may be

May as well. She may be subscribed to the posts and get the notification in her e-mail.