George Hrab - Singer, song writer, skeptic, entertainer, visitor

For those that don't know Geo he is a musician and podcaster of some repute within the Skeptical community. He's also a speaker at TAM Australia which is why we have this opportunity.

His music is interesting. I've paid actual money and purchased everything he's produced so far. His latest album, Trebuchet, was released on his podcast to the world, for free. Many of us had been waiting for this for quite a while and it seems to have paid off. It's also available for anyone to redistribute. So, if you're interested in hearing his latest album, press play;

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If you've not heard his podcast this is the latest (at the time of this post). I find it really entertaining. It's one of the top 2 that I hang out for every week. It has such wonderful segments as "Religious Moron of the week" (often more than one), "Interesting Fauna", "Rupert McClanahan’s Indestructible Bastards" and "Ask George, not the bible". If we're lucky his mum may even call in too. :) Anyway, here's the latest one as of the posting of this entry.

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So, in order to get him here, providing we can fit it in his schedule, we need to raise some funds.

Before we figure that out though, how many people would be interested in coming to Christchurch for a very special SitP meetup with a very entertaining Entertainer?

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yes yes and yes

would like to see / hear Geo live. More than happy to chip in for flights etc to

I'd drive to Chch for this ...

Gold, if we can get Geo to come to Christchurch, I'd drive up from Dunedin for it! Plus, I have 5 or 6 seats free in my car (the last one depending on "seat width" of the occupant!) and I'd be happy to bring other skeptics up with me. And back :-)

The next thing we need to do

The next thing we need to do is figure out how to raise the funds.

We have an offer for affordable teeshirt printing and I've been thinking of running a logo design competition for a while. Just need the time to actually put something together on the site.

Geo has also offered to do a show while here so we could presell tickets.

What do people think?

Do we have any other ideas?

Raising funds ...

Perhaps might be able to combine support for a Geo concert with teeshirts of their chosen logos ...

Actually, what funds need to be raised? Are we looking at a return airfare to Oz + accommodation?

Funds needed will be the

Funds needed will be the flight from Oz to Chch, any internal flights (at least one to Auckland), accommodation (Checking to see if he's okay with the idea of couch surfing) and potentially a portion of the flight home (if departing from NZ is going to be more than departing from Oz (I suspect, discussing this with him now.))

t shirts or a trade me auction

perhaps a signed all black shirt from timtam Australia

Just donated, got 11% of the

Just donated, got 11% of the total needed now!

We need to figure out some

We need to figure out some way of spreading the word on this a little further. :) @podblack, from Perth, West Island, has been getting the information out there. She's put this together and is passing it around the Skeptic/rationalist/humanist/atheist groups over there;

Multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer, composer and
heliocentrist George Hrab has written and produced six independent
CDs; published one book; performed for President Clinton; shared the
stage with countless numbers of musicians and acts; and has traveled
across the country as drummer, vocalist, musical director, and event
host for the nationally recognized Philadelphia Funk Authority. As de-
facto Despot-for-Life of his own original ensemble The Geologic
Orchestra, he makes it a personal quest to improve the cognitive
thinking skills of each and every American by reaching them through
their funny bones and dance shoes. His music, skepticism and wit have
been featured on many radio broadcasts, TV shows, and podcasts.

In addition to his ten-piece Geologic Orchestra shows, Geo often
performs in a solo acoustic setting, wherein he re-interprets his own
works, and also delves into bizarre covers. Along with superlative
musicianship, these intimate shows are known to showcase his quick wit
and incendiary social commentary. George recently published Non-
Coloring Book featuring a collection of his assorted writings, and
also delivered a well received “Fan of Geology” science track lecture
discussing the evidence of the earth’s age at Atlanta’s Dragon*Con
convention. He’s been asked multiple times to be a featured performer
at James Randi's The Amaz!ng Meeting in Las Vegas, was a special guest/
performer in the Galapagos on the JREF’s Amaz!ng Adventure, and was
the first American to present at TAM London.

He also produces a weekly, award winning podcast called The Geologic
Podcast which features humor, sketches, and skeptical / free-thinking
commentary through various weekly segments. He was asked to write the
theme song to the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast and premiered the song
“FAR” at the 213th American Astronomical Society Meeting in Long Beach
California. His Occasional Songs for the Periodic Table, a 118 part
song cycle featuring a song for each element of the periodic table has
been described as the first “true geek symphony.”

George is considered one of the preeminent skeptic/science/atheist/
geek-culture music icons currently living in his apartment.

I'm awaiting a list of contacts from Vicki at the moment to spread this too. Hopefully that will get noticed a bit.


Hey all,

Geo is really quite pressed for time. He's currently looking at potentially 3-4 days in New Zealand and he's trying to work out if he's able to get to Adelaide or not.

If he does work Adelaide into his schedule we'll be looking at one show here in Christchurch. If not he may be up for 2 shows (Christchurch and Auckland).

I'll keep people posted as I find out more.