Forum Content Push?

Just wondering if there's any way for me to receive SITP FORUM content. I don't get a chance to do general web surfing much, and fear I'm missing out on lots of potentially interesting discussions on here. Individual messages or content summaries via email or ideally a feed would help me keep up with what's happening here.

- Linda
- Dunedin

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RSS okay?

Hi Linda,

There's little RSS logos all over the place that link to feeds of bits of the site. It's sounding like the one you want is the one in the site footer though.

This is the feed that covers all new content on the site. I'm not sure if it covers comments on forum topics though. :/


How about subscriptions?


I had a request from another site I look after for subscription features on their site and found the Subscriptions module. I've enabled it here too.

Hopefully this is closer to what you were wanting.