First Hamilton Meetup: Theme

Do we want to have a theme for the first meetup? This could influence other aspects of the gathering. Speaker, quiz etc.


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Do we need one for the first

Do we need one for the first get together?

There's no need. :) I have

There's no need. :) I have found that a certain bit of guidance on topic matter can be good for conversation though.

But, no. There's no need to have one. I'm sure initial conversations won't be hard to get started. :)

Keep it simple?

I can definitely see how a theme could be useful, especially if we're wanting speakers and things. But maybe for the first one, we should keep it simple and stick to introductions and gauging numbers and things. Maybe we can talk it over on the day and find out what people would be interested in for future meetings?

Sounds like a plan. :) One

Sounds like a plan. :) One of the things I did with the first (and only so far) meetup for planning activism in Wellington was to get everyone to introduce themselves and list their pet peeves with respect to Skepticism.


Hmmm... I'll have to start a list :)