Documentary: Donated To Science

Here's an announcement from Paul in Dunedin about the science/medicine documentary he has recently completed.

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Donated to Science

Broadcast in New Zealand on TV3 Wednesday 18th November 9:30pm

In 2006 we interviewed several people who planned to donate their bodies to the Otago Medical School for students to dissect. We asked them about their lives and their loves, their hopes, their fears, and of course their bodies.

The Otago Medical school is one of the last in the world whose students still do significant human dissection. The donors and the students gave us permission to follow them through this whole process.

This unexpectedly life affirming, sad, funny and above all human film is the result.

It’s a difficult film to watch (in places), I’m not sure why – it’s no more gory than an episode of CSI. Perhaps it’s because it’s real, and the cadavers have a name, a face and a voice. It’s worth the effort though, the emotional payoff at the end - when the students finally get to ‘meet’ their donors and watch the originaldonor interviews is as powerful as anything you will see. For the first time on film, we have the chance to be a part of the amazing journey of the students, the donors and their families.

This has never been done before.

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In the media ...

This week's The Star from Dunedin features a front-page article about 'Donated to Science', which will be broadcast on TV3 on Wednesday night. Read it from

Dr Trotman will also be on Radio New Zealand at around 9.40am on Saturday ( talking to Kim Hill. The audio from this will also be available after the event, as usual, I expect.

So make a date in your diary!