Call for Site moderators

Hey all,

I'm about to disappear for a few months and was wondering if anyone would like to step up and assist with the moderation of this site while I'm gone.

There's not a lot to do given I have a don't delete anything policy.

We do get a few spammers a week though. When they appear I delete their account and all their content. The quickest way to spot this is to subscribe to all content and, when a dodgy one comes though, click through to the site, click the authors name, edit and delete. It's less than a minute in most cases.

So, any takers?

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Yeah I'll be happy to

Yeah I'll be happy to

That's good. Bon Voyage!

Will be interesting to see what other members gnatter to each other while you're gone. Don't worry you won't miss much. nothing of much real substance passes by here.

You're such a...

...lovely person, aren't you? =)

Also, I'll be happy to...

I'll be happy to help out as well if any extra people are needed. (I'm a part-time student right now, so I've got loads of spare time.)

Thanks guys. Have just added

Thanks guys. Have just added the moderator role to your accounts. You should now have access to a pile of extra functions.

Have a poke around (start in the Administer link in the top menu in the left column) and let me know if you have any questions. Answers may be slow arriving at the moment but I will get to them.