The AVN Congratulates Fran Sheffield and Homeopathy Plus on Bent Spoon Award!

So, the Australian Vaccination Network, Inc. just put out a media release congratulating the recipient of the Bent Spoon at this years Aus Skeptics conference. I did find one bit of it interesting though. Apart from the usual mis-representations of the Australian Skeptics, Meryl Dorey refers to them as a hate group.

Is that going one step too far? Could this trigger a legal response?

More importantly, will it?

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I wouldn't bother with legal

I wouldn't bother with legal action as it will only increase the profile of her "opinions"

There were some real gems (highly polished turds) in her rant:

"For those who have never heard of it, the Australian Skeptics is an organisation whose religious belief is that anything Western medicine approves of is always right and anyone who questions the safety or efficacy of drugs, vaccines, or surgery is always wrong."

"They hide behind terms such as pseudo-science despite being offered copious quantities of peer-reviewed research to show that not every medical procedure is safe - not every drug or vaccine is effective."


Oh, I wasn't thinking it

Oh, I wasn't thinking it should happen. I'm just wondering if what was said would be valid legal grounds should the decision be made.

As for increasing the profile of her opinions her and her organisation have fallen from grace in the eye of the media.