Any Hamiltonian skeptics out there?

I'm looking at driving up to AK for one of their meet ups but I'd love to go to something a bit closer to home.
Anyone else out there be keen?

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New Hamilton Meetup

Hamilton needs a meetup!
I suggest the Cook in Hamilton East, the second Wednesday of every month (but that's just a suggestion).
Let me know if you're keen.

I'd be down to meet at the

I'd be down to meet at the cook.

I'd be keen for that.

I'd be keen for that.

I've set up a facebook page

I've set up a facebook page to make it easier to get this going.

Hamilton Skeptics in the pub

Meetup site

Hey guys,

It's great to hear that there's the interest in Hamilton. We had one person that was at the conference saying she wanted to get things going there also. She seemed quite inspired by @kyliesturgess :)

First up, I have a few requests. These aren't hard and fast things as when you get down to it there's nothing stopping anyone from doing anything. However, in an effort to maintain a coordinated community I'm putting this out there.

  1. I have to be at the first meetup. :) I have been at every first meetup so far. I'l love to maintain the track record
  2. Regarding Facebook
    • The Terms and Conditions for the service go well beyond what is reasonable and the fact that the vast bulk of users use the site at all shows they don't get read.
    • Could the Photos app be disabled? I don't authorize any image of me to be given to facebook for resale.
    • Please make the Facebook page a place to point people either here and/or to the Meetup site (which will be
  3. If you would like to be one of the organizers on the meetup site let me know. The more the better.

That's about it for that part.

My advise for the first meeup;

  • Don't stress over the day it falls on. These can be sorted out over time. Having said that, something closer to a weekend day would be better for me so I don't have to chew into too many holiday days to make the event. :)
  • Once the meetup site is ready post the first event to occur about 5-6 weeks after the posting date. This will give ample time for the word to get out there. We're steadily gathering a number of media related contacts that could be tapped to spread the word a little further also.
  • Locate a spacious venue that isn't too loud. If you can book a part of a bar that would be even better.
  • If you have someone that is interested in running Pub Quizes, we have a few (and a facility on this site for posting more (if you have the quiz master role :) ))
  • Locate some local woo-woo that you'd like to discuss. Co-ordinate with the other organisers so that these talking points aren't all the same thing.
  • Put together an informal agenda to guide the evening.
  • I think that about covers it. :)

    I'll post again once I get the meetup site up.

Hi Gold


If you could set up a page that would be awesome.
I wasn't going to until we had enough people to make a meetup viable as I'm a poor student, but it would definitely make getting the word out there a bit easier.

I've been putting notices up at the Uni, and I set up the facebook page as it's easier to direct people to than this forum. I'm not sure how to turn the photo app off but I'll give it a go.

At the moment there are only a few (like 3) people who have said they'd be keen. Any tips on how to let more people know about us? I've emailed the student mag for Waikato Uni about advertising, and I think CUSP is going to let people know on their next podcast but any other ideas would be much appreciated.

Thanks :)

Hey Misslilo, My experience

Hey Misslilo,

My experience with meetup is that it's been really good for getting that initial group together. The group is now ready too. :) The URL is a lot more local now that a facebook page. :)


Meetup ready

Morning all, is working (almost.) The DNS is setup, we just need for Meetup to finish their end and the URL will be working properly.

If anyone is interested in assisting with the organising of the group head there and sign up so I can get you on the list.

Currently there is no mail list or forum there, just event management. I'm wanting people to use the forums here and the established mail lists (if that's what they'd prefer) instead of setting up yet another group.


I'll put my hand up to help

I'll put my hand up to help organise, if need be.

Hamilton SitP is on

Okay, ISavant & Misslilo have Co-Organizer roles on the new meetup site. Just waiting for Iris and the inital list I had in mind is ready. :) More are welcome to help out.

When you guys set the first meeting please be sure to have read this comment first. Would love to get there, but it's going to take a bit of planning (read: saving) on my part.

If I'm reading this correctly it'll cost $100 return. Just need to see what the difference is between all these fare types. The range doesn't sit right with me. :/


Hey guys, sorry I'm a bit late to the party, have been rushed off my feet planning my 21st lately. :) Now that's out of the way I can focus on more important things...

Basically, I'm super-keen to do whatever I can to get a Hamilton SitP group off the ground. I have a few skeptically-minded friends I could most likely coerce into coming along, too.

Unfortunately - and I hate to be a hassle this way - Wednesday nights aren't very good for me. I'm a member of Wai Taiko, a Japanese drumming group, and if we have upcoming performances then gig practices are on Wednesdays. That kinda takes precedence for me, I'm afraid. Sorry!! D: That said, I could possibly work around it, on a time-by-time basis, but it would be a little complicated. We shall see.

Well, that's all for now, really. Looking forward to hearing from you guys! :)

One of the things that I did

One of the things that I did with the Christchurch meetup (and am about to restart with the Wellington one) is holding fortnightly meetups but alternating what day each on is on. Christchruch holds them on a Monday followed by a Tuesday a fortnight later, followed by a Monday a fortnight later, etc.

This allowed for people to get to at least one a month and for many to get to one a fortnight also.

Great idea

That's an excellent suggestion. I have taiko on Mondays and Wednesdays, so as long as we don't alternate between those two nights, I should be fine! I don't know what nights other people are free, but that's how I stand at the very least.