10.23 "overdose" event

Perhaps we should participate on this side of the world?


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I'd be up for that. :) I was

I'd be up for that. :) I was talking to Vicki last night about it.

The only problem I see is the time frame.

We have about 3 days until the event. With us living in the future it's more like 2 days. Of course, we could just set a different date for it and do it properly.

I was checking out a chemist (Hanafins, High St, Chch) and I'm pleased to say that there's an incredibly small selection. The assistant that I was talking to was unaware of how homeopathy "works". That was disappointing, but not overly surprising.

Vicki posted this to the NZ Skeptics mail list

Hi folks,

We'll we've got a solid bite from TV3 news to do a piece on the
homeopathy overdose -- as the chap put it: "always good to get a
chance to kick those f***king charlatans in the balls" (!) Oh my....

They want some footage of a batch of us cheerfully taking our dose on
camera, and are happy to film down here. So can we get the word out
for a meet-up of anyone interested in participating -- 10.30am
Saturday morning in the Square in front of the Cathedral.
(Phil mentioned he'd shout us coffee, but I'm not sure if he was
joking about that :-)

Now, to do this properly, we will have to bite the bullet and buy
some of the damn stuff....I'll assume that our good committee will go
along with that. While I'd be tempted to use just water, it would not
be honest, and we want to be squeaky clean, yes?

I can probably find some in the next couple of days (there's a health
food shop in the local mall). So I'm proposing to spend up to $50 on
assorted tinctures and tablets of a suitably vastly diluted strength.

So do please come along -- let me know if you will be doing so, and
spread the word.