Welcome to the Skeptics in the Pub

My name is Gold, I'm from Christchurch and I'm a Skeptic.

I've been following the usual podcasts for a few years now one thing that I noticed was that 'Skeptics in the Pub' is a growing thing world wide. I always liked the idea so I've started it here in New Zealand. I'm pleased to announce that the idea is growing steadily. Currently we have one active group in Christchurch and one growing group in Auckland that are being run from Meetup.com. If you're interested in coming along please do. Details of the times and locations are on the sites. The gatherings are open to the public but if you could RSVP for each event that would assist us with warning the pubs in advance as to the numbers to expect.

This site is also in the process of being set up. Currently I'm looking for bloggers that are interested in contributing. I'm not looking for contributions to a schedule, but more contributions that are more substance from people that have taken the time to write a quality article. If you're a prolific blogger though, that wouldn't be a bad thing. Like the meetups I want this to be a low pressure affair.

I may be able to set up sub-domains for your blog if you like also. Setting this up would also be dependent on my time and how busy things are at the time. These sites would just be blogs.

If you are running an on-topic blog on a free service and would like to migrate to this site I'd also be happy to help out with that.

I will also be aggregating many local blogs. If you have an existing blog and don't want to move or duplicate your content feel free to point us at your RSS feed and we'll send you traffic that way. There is a contact form on the site that you can use for this purpose.

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