Tunguska Remembered … June 30

This was the first quiz I tried, a very low turnout meant that absolutely no-one knew anything about Tunguska at all, and I tried doing all the questions before giving any of the answers; these days I tend to answer as we go along, to help build a theme.

Tunguska Remembered … June 30 2010

Questions :-
1. Today is the anniversary of “The Tunguska Event”. What day and year did the Tunguska event occur on?
June 17 1908, 07:14am

2. Where is Tunguska?
Siberia, Russia: 60°55'N 101°57'E

3. What was it, according to most reasonable scientists?
An airburst of a meteroid or comet fragment

4. You get a point for being the closest to the correct number (or number range) :-
What altitude? 5-10km, 3.1-6.2 miles
How many trees? 80 million
How big an area was affected? 2150Km², 830mi²
Richter scale equivalent? 5.0
How long before researchers got there? 20 years

5. Name as many 'possible' hypotheses that have been put forward as you can for this, relating to real science and/or real history.
Meteoroid airburst, Comet airburst (Encke of the Beta Taurids, or 2005NB56), Comet with deuterium/fusion reaction, small black hole, antimatter chunk, Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower, natural gas explosion ...

6. And some others that have been suggested?
Alien spacecraft – crash, weapon, sacrifice

7. Name as many Tunguska references in fiction as you can. Books, comics, movies, TV, whatever.
32 books, 12 comics, 17 games, 5 movies, 6 TV, 7 songs

8. Does “Dr. Gene Ray, Cube Phenomenologist and THE WISEST HUMAN”, sole Authority on Harmonic Time Cube, describe the Tunguska Event on his website?
No, who cares?

9. What about the Discordians?
Not really, but there is one or two Google matches

10. Does the city of Tunguska, Iowa, have a “fallen tree” statue?
There is no such city outside some random Discordian commentry ...