How to get away with murder

In a news release this morning (sorry I originally wrote this on Friday), it appears that all the people found guilty of killing a 22 year old in 2007 will not be going to jail.

There are so many things wrong with this whole sorry saga that I hardly know where to start.

I dare say that no matter what I say here I am bound to offend someone, so I will start off by saying these are my views and are not neccessarily shared with any other bloggers on this site.

First - they killed a young woman in the prime of her life, they might not have planned to kill her, but she died none the less. Their punishment for this is to pick up rubbish off the streets for 150-300 hours. If they work an 8 hour day that will take about 6-8 weeks. Thats it!!!! 6-8 weeks soft labour for taking a persons life. I guess they will have to live with what they did for the rest of their lives, but the punishment seems particularly trivial.

Here are other examples of people sent to jail for manslughter - I admit to not knowing the full details of the court case and so a direct comparison to any other offenders is not possible, some of these cases were truly horrific.

Second - Did these people honestly believe that there was a demon from another dimension/world possessing Ms Moses? If they truly believed this then where is the evidence? Was this evidence used in their defence? if it was I would really like to see it. If there was no evidence that she was possessed then surely this is just a case of assault that lead to a fatality!

I know there is a strong history of using Makutu by Maori people, but I would have thought that very few people actually believed it to be true! And especially believed it to the extent that they had to kill a person to remove the curse.

There has been an outcry from various Maori factions denouncing the actions of the people involved, which is great, I hope that the number of people believing this rubbish is reduced as a result of this case.

I would like to point however, to the comments by the head of Canterbury University's School of Maori and Indigenous Studies, Rawiri Taonui.
The transgression that caused the makutu to be placed - a family member stealing a taonga (treasure) - demanded only a light remedy. "Genuine remorse to those who had been wronged, a face-to-face meeting with them, and some karakia (prayers) would have been enough."


Only serious cleansing ceremonies used immersion, and that had to be performed at a sacred site, for example at a riverbank: "It's not something that's transportable."

These comments kind of confused me and I would have liked some clarification. Does Dr Taonui actually believe Ms Moses was possessed, but could be 'cured' by an apology and prayers? and what exactly would warrant a 'serious cleansing ceremony'?

I think I've ranted enough for now, I'm sure more details of the case will come out over the next few days which might help clear up a few things.

I would like to finish by saying how worrying it is to me that there are people in this beautiful country of ours who truly believe in the powers of witchcraft!!!

Some things need to be believed to be seen. Guy Kawasaki

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The verdict is the equivalent

The verdict is the equivalent of saying, 'It's OK. They're Maori. They don't know any better.' What did they expect to happen when they effectively water boarded the poor women?

I also hate how it's constantly referred to as an exorcism gone wrong. Apart from a life not being lost what would have been different if it didn't go wrong?

Crown will not appeal

Apparently the crown has decided not to appeal the light 'sentences' for this horrendous crime.

Good people will do good

Good people will do good things, and bad people will do bad things. But for good people to do bad things that takes religion. Steven Weinburg

That about sums it up. It's absolutely horrifying that instead of outright condemnation as superstitious nonsense people are dancing around the issues and commenting with such inanities as they just didn't do the ceremony properly. Is there seriously a right way of driving out non-existent demons? (Rhetorical question of course)



I wonder; If I gave these guys a list of names...