First Meetup

Hey all,

The Wellington Skeptics in the Pub meetup group on is now active.

The url is

The first meetup has not been scheduled yet. The Skeptics Conference 2009 is happening in Wellington at the end of September and I was thinking that it may be a good opportunity to set up the gathering just prior to the conference. Maybe the night before the official start.

Any thoughts on this?

Suggestions for a location?

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The Backbencher or Mac's

The Backbencher or Mac's Brewery bar? Note: I haven't gone to the pub in ages so any other suggestions welcome.


Hi all,

Tom Neal in Welly here.

being from the area, I can make a couple of recommendations where we might hold this thing.

The hotel hosting the conference has a pub, The Portland House Bar, but I don't know much about it.


Places I've been that I would recommend:

The Bristol:


which is the Cuba Mall (favorite place to hang)

The Southern Cross:


or the place where local Welly Pharyngulites (fans of the Pharyngula sciblog) meet for pissups, Kitty Oshea's:


any of these places should easily hold 30 or so folks, kitty's might be on the tight side if there's more.

As to the day, I don't know who is coming when, but typically i think having it the day before the conference starts (thursday) would leave the opening day (which is typically slow enough) to recover.

Personally, I would vote against Macs, as it's too loud and and too packed all the time.

friday too, might be bad for crowds just about anywhere.

Can reserve seating at Southern Cross (has private event rooms)

Don't really know too much about Backbencher, but I don't think it's all that big, and it's a bit on the touristy side, so I'm told.

Kitty's would probably be the easiest to get to and the most central, but Bristol would work too, as there are other pubs/restaurants right nearby.

The Bristol has pooltables and couches and stuff in the upstairs area.

still, I gotta lean towards Kitty's, since I'm comfortable with it as we have Pharyngula pissups there.

another one yo throw at the

another one yo throw at the mix is the green man pub, (victoria street). It has a largish room to the side which can be booked.

but like Tim Shabolt i really don't care where, I have legs and a bus pass

where'd everybody go?

where'd everybody go?

Location Discussion. Please contribute.

Okay, it's been a while since we had any movement on this. I partly blame myself, been way too over worked. Anyway, onwards...

On the 25th of this month (a Friday) we have the National Skeptics Conference being held in Wellington. The general feeling from those that I've talked to that are running it is that there should be no problem having the meetup at the conference location.

This is what I would like to propose;
5pm-6pm we gather at the location and mingle/meet&greet.
6pm a few words from the organizers and general intros
7pm start wandering towards the conference venue (if needed) and meet even more like minded people.

Suggestions welcomed.

For your reference, the draft schedule for the opening night at the conference is;
7.00pm Registration opens, social gathering. Finger food. Mix and mingle, catch up with old friends and make new ones.
8.00 to 9.30pm Entertainment/Activity.

So far we have 3 suggestions for an initial meetup location. Looking at the map The Kingsgate is closest to The Backbencher. Mac's Brewery bar is a bit further away but sharing taxis should make it a cheap ride.

So, we have couple of things we're wanting to work out;

  1. Is the evening of the 25th acceptable?
  2. Where should we meet?
    1. The Kingsgate
    2. The Backbencher
    3. Mac's Brewery bar

While the above is easy enough to turn into a vote open discussion is welcomed.

+1 for the 25th +1 for 2b

+1 for the 25th
+1 for 2b (The Backbencher)

While meeting at the Kingsgate would be handy, I think it'd be good to meet the SitP crowd first before losing ourselves among those just in for the conference.

Having voted this way though, I have no idea what The Backbencher is like on a Friday evening just after work. :)

If the meet is to be on the

If the meet is to be on the Friday the conference starts, I won't be able to attend as I will have a gazillion other tasks to do such as transporting all the materials in and setting up the registration desk right on that time, I'm also aware that others won't have that issue so it's easy enough from my point of view to go ahead with that date if it suits more people and I'll try and make it another time.

My preference would be the Backbencher this time, as it's near the Railway station so easy to get to for those using public transport and it's not far to the hotel. Mac's Brewery could be saved for another time and that way people could see what they prefer.


Ah damn. I'd not taken into

Ah damn. I'd not taken into consideration that there may be people on the night working on the conference at the same time.

We could hold it on the Thursday and those that are keen for attending the conference could meetup again on the Friday.

Would anyone else prefer the Thursday?


Thursday would suit me - like Michelle, I'll be tied up with conference stuff Friday.
Backbencher fine - don't know what it's like on thurs nights.

I'm beginning to think

I'm beginning to think Thursday may be better as an informal first gathering followed up with another pre-registration gathering on the Friday for those that are wanting to register on the night for the conference or those that just want to tag along for the pre-conference meet&greet/events at the Kingsgate.

It's also been suggested by Tom that the Wellington Skeptics in the Pub have another post conference meetup on the Sunday.


I'd be good to make it

I'd be good to make it Thursday, probably need a drink by then. :) Don't mind meeting up afterwards on the Sunday as I'll be around anyway and that would be a great way of finishing off.

i'm also beginning to think...

...thursday 24th would be better for me...also i vote for the brewery and although i'm not currently registered or planning on attending any of the weekend conference events (i'll think about it though) sunday might be ok for me for another pub meet too

some random thoughts

some Pub are night busy friday...

More organised, It probably be a better idea to keep out of pubs on a friday night as they tend to be rather busy and a bunch of semi random meeting for almost the first time can be hard. So thursday probaly is the better day.

just a thought.....

tick tock

OK, we need to make some decisions, so by the authority vested in me by people I haven't even met yet (namely Gold), I called around and Kitty's will work well for what we want; every bus in Welly passes right by it, it's right at the base of the pub district, and it's fairly quiet (upstairs, anyway), with good beer at decent prices. If it's warm, it's got a nice balcony area that overlooks Courtney place. Also, they have no special plans for Thursday, so there should be plenty of room (upstairs holds 30-40). It's also the place where local Pharyngula fans have been meeting up for a while now, and there will be a handful there to join us, I think.

also, it looks like Thursday is the general preference. For those that can't make that day, we'll probly hit the same pub Sunday after the conference finishes.

so, unless there are strenuous objections?

Kitty Oshea's Irish Pub 5:30 Thursday Night, go upstairs and grab a table by the fireplace, next to the bar.

addy and phone:

Kitty O'Shea's
28 Courtenay Place
New Zealand

Phone: +64 (0)4 384 7392

If you get lost, most people you'll meet know where the pub is, and everyone knows where Courtney Place is, so just ask. Folks are quite neighborly 'round these parts.

How flexible are you on time?

How flexible are you on time? Would the meetings always be on at that time on a weeknight?

It's just I don't have a hope of getting there on time or even within an hour of that time any weeknight so would have to give my apologies for this meeting and any others at the same time, not sure if others will have that problem? I'll be able to make Sunday this time around though if that is still going ahead.