Pro-bullying law just passed in Michigan, US.

I have few friends that claim to be religious and when I see shit like this I wonder how they can be so firm in their position. This is just disgusting. How can they claim 'moral conviction' as an exception when the law itself is so blatantly immoral?

Michigan Republicans Allow Bullying If ‘Religiously or Morally Motivated’ (Video)

In Michigan, the State’s Republican-controlled Senate has passed an anti-bullying law named after a gay victim.

Good thing you might think. Except it’s not.

NZ women slutty - doctor

NZ women promiscuous - doctor: A Timaru gynaecologist

God is not great

Religion isn't something I particularly touch on that often unless it strays into the realm of reality. i.e. testable claims. This time though I want to pose a question; How can God be as powerful as He is claimed to be when things like the Feb 22nd quake happen? The Dean of the ChristChurch Cathedral is on record saying;

The earthquake was not an act of God. The earthquake was the planet doing its thing the way the planet does.

To the Dean and any Christians out there;

BOOBQUAKE: what was the fallout?

So, last Monday there was a Boobquake.

"What the frak is that?" I hear some of you say.

Regular blessings

Why is it that any time a new building, road, exhibition is opened there is felt to be a need to hold a blessing? In New Zealand these blessings are normally carried out by a Maori elder, who I presume would be christian. Are other faith leaders invited to perform these blessings? is there a tender process to decide who does the blessing?

The latest in these ridiculous blessings is taking place in wellington, where the police will mark the start of a new road safety initiative tomorrow by blessing a car involved in a local alcohol-related crash.

What is the point???

Surely if the blessing is any good it should have been carried out before the crash!
If blessings can help with alcohol related crashes maybe all cars should be blessed when they are parked outside bars?! This could be a nice little earner for local Kaumatua.

This sort of stupidity seems to me to be more about appeasing certain groups of people than actually having any tangible benefits for the people involved. Though please let me know if you have any proof to the contrary.

Religious schools asking for more tax payers money

It appears that the poor underfunded catholic schools don't have enough money to keep their schools up to standard. So they are asking for the NZ taxpayers to help them out.

Funding Private Religious Schools

Yet another press release from Scoop that has gotten my attention.
This one is about a new Christian school that is planned for KeriKeri.

“The main use will be educational, with a full primary school able to cater for 100 students and also designed for activities that go hand in hand with Christian education, like church on Sunday and afterschool programmes,” he said.

They are hoping to have the campus open in 2010 (that’s only 4 months away), however;

Faith Healers - Praying or Preying?

It was probably too much to hope for. Yesterday The Press posted an article titled "Faith healers attack cancer with prayer". Thanks to @lucilu for the pointer.

I was hoping that this would have slipped under the radar as I'm from Christchurch and I have to say, this is just embarrassing. Which radar? That of the esteemed PZ Myers. We're a small country wanting to make a decent contribution where we can. We have our share of rational thinking people, but this article isn't how I'd want people to think of my home town. Thanks to the New Zealand Healing Rooms for that mud on our collective faces.

I read the article with trepidation and couldn't believe what they were reporting.

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