Psychic Fail

This is a good case to use on those people that tell you that psychics solve criminal cases. It's not hard to see that instead of solving this UK case, the psychics introduced costly red herrings. It seems the investigation was done to reassure the family after they were fed bogus information about the death of their loved one.

Detectives launch £20,000 murder inquiry after bogus tip-off from mystics: Police spent £20,000 scouring the country for a lion, a horse and a Mr Fox following a tip off they were told had come from the ghost of murdered man.

Disgusting behaviour

I came across this while reading the Herald this morning and had to bring it to peoples attention.
I hope you have all heard about the little girl who went missing in Henderson earlier this week. Police now suspect she has been abducted. I have 3 small kids so this type of news story is particularly heart rending for me.

However, when I read this story I got so angry I had to leave the room and take a breather.

Time To Start Picking on People

I am getting frustrated, I am getting angry, and I am starting to see red.

I am also going to start doing something about it.

I have had enough with all the woo, bullshit, psychic-babble, pseudoscientists, and charlatans in this country. I have decided to take Mark Edwards advice and take action.

I'm not sure exactly how yet but I'm going to start by having regular rants at individuals in this country that piss me off.

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