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Animal Welfare Issues Whacked With Bent Spoon

Concerns over animal welfare issues on farms have seen Rural Women New Zealand and Fonterra rapped with the Bent Spoon, an annual recognition of gullibility and a lack of critical thinking awarded by the New Zealand Skeptics.

Rural Women New Zealand gave the Supreme prize in its Enterprising Rural Women Award to Homeopathic Farm Support, a company which follows the homeopathic practice of diluting substances until there is no active material left and then claiming that the water somehow "remembers" what was once in it. Homeopathic Farm Support provides a line of such products, claiming that homeopathy can be used to "prevent and treat symptoms of acute and chronic animal ailments" including mastitis, post calving haemorrhage. pinkeye, scours, first aid and even emotional problems in livestock.

NZSitP: Year Zero

I had been listening to skeptical and science-based podcasts for about four years when I decided that I wanted to so something more than just listen. I’d heard about a lecture series that was held in a pub in London 10 years ago; when the series ended the gatherings kept going.

NZ Skeptics Invite Homeopaths to Join Campaign

Following on from the Closeup TV interview, we decided to put up a challenge of our own to the NZ Council of Homeopaths to join the campaign. Here's why:

The New Zealand Skeptics are inviting homeopaths to join their call for pharmacies to stop selling homeopathic products, as both groups are opposed to the practice, albeit for different reasons.

Mass Overdose Planned

On January 30, a concerted global mass overdose will take place, but no-one will die because the "medication" of choice will be homeopathic. Homeopathic medicine consists of water or water dripped onto sugar tablets; the UK-based 1023 campaign aims to highlight that fact and protest against pharmacies touting such a product as medicinal.

NZ Skeptics Conference 2009 AGM

The AGM of the NZ Skeptics Inc was held at the NZ Skeptics Conference 2009.

As with most AGM's this was fairly dry, procedural stuff. There were two things that are worthy of reporting on however.

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