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Hat Tip to Victoria Uni

I just spotted this on the NZ Herald site this morning; Victoria reviews homeopathy course.

Victoria University is distancing itself from a course it is offering in the controversial alternative medicine homeopathy.

The course "Homoeopathy: increasing your health awareness" is being offered through its Community Continuing Education programme in a one-off two hour lecture.

Another clean kill by sCAM

Not so long ago there was the death of Gloria Sam, whose eczema was treated with homoeopathy. Now I'm reading about this case:

Inquest focuses on alternative medicine:

Submission Day : Natural Health Products Bill

Today is the last day for submissions on this proposed Bill.

I've finished compiling the suggestions from the forums and updated the document on the NZSitP site. Vicki also submitted the attached document this morning on behalf of the NZ Skeptics. I've filled in some of the blanks in the NZSitP document with answers from Vicki's.

Learn more about "Natural Health"

Want to know more about natural healthcare? Here’s your chance!

On Saturday, September 12, the New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners Inc (NZCHP) are holding a one-day Natural Healthcare Expo, offering the public the chance to experience natural healthcare modalities and meet the practitioners behind them.

So if you want to learn more about makey uppy health care then head on down.

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