Kahui twins did not die from abuse, says expert

The Kahui twins died of natural causes according to a controversial medical opinion given to the coroner for an upcoming inquest into their deaths.

Submission Day : Natural Health Products Bill

Today is the last day for submissions on this proposed Bill.

I've finished compiling the suggestions from the forums and updated the document on the NZSitP site. Vicki also submitted the attached document this morning on behalf of the NZ Skeptics. I've filled in some of the blanks in the NZSitP document with answers from Vicki's.

‘Personhood’ movement seeks end to abortion

A group of anti-abortion activists has unrolled a new strategy: Stretch the legal definition of “person” in state constitutions to cover a freshly fertilized egg in a woman’s womb.

Pesticides in our food

From Stuff

How to spot an AIDS denialist

Excellent article from Seth Kalichman, author of "Denying AIDS". In addition to dealing with AIDS denialism, it's an good primer for what to look for in other forms of denialism as well. Denialism

New test tells gender of baby at eight weeks

Is it a scam?

This test costs in the range of $127 to $135 or so and is touted as being able to detect gender early in pregnancy. It's available in the US at around $30 so is around triple the cost in NZ.

The blurb from the official site states it's:

EU tightening up on regulatory claims - good news for quality science, bad news for the cowboys

Looks like the EU are making it increasingly difficult for products claiming to have health benefits making it to the market.

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