Google Bomb the AVN

So, the Australian Vaccination Network has had their arse handed to them. The media no longer seems to call on them for "balance" and they're regularly being taken to task on the radio. Since the HCCC reached their conclusion and Ken McLeod released it to the world I can only think of one interview where Meryl Dorey was not taken to task. It does indeed feel like the Australian Vaccination Network is finally circling the drain.

HCCC rule on AVN

The complaint filed with the HCCC against the AVN by Ken McLeod and Toni & David MacCaffery has been upheld. While this is a big win for rationality the next question is will the AVN follow through with the ruling? Does the HCCC have teeth?

HCCC report on the AVN to Ken McLeod

This reference was originally posted at the Vaccination Awareness and Information Service site and was made available by Ken Mcleod. It is available for public release. The attached file is the report.

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