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Thanks to everyone who cam to the skeptics in the pub on Thursday. A fun evening. One of our members is unraveling a genetic mystery in algal dna that is a billion and a half years old. The evidence, not the actual dna. I am in awe of Barbara Schoenfeld. But don't tell her I said that. :-)
We had a great evening and we set about solving six mysteries that science cannot explain. I thought it would take about thirty minutes, 5 minutes per mystery, but I forgot how distractible skeptics are. But we nailed most of them, even with a pub quiz booming in our ears.

Andy Lea


Originally born and educated in England, Andy has lived in Japan, New Zealand, America and now New Zealand for the second time. Christchurch is now his home. Andy is married to Rachel, a New Zealander, and has 2 children.

BSc in Neurobiology, University of Sussex.

PhD in Psychology of Hearing, University of Nottingham.

After 2 years post doc in Japan, Andy decided to get out of research and ended up in the medical publishing field for 12 years, starting with Adis in NZ, but also with 4 different companies in the US including the pharmaceutical company Pharmacia.

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