Vaccine Rejectionism Disorder

It's been a while since I've posted anything. To be honest I don't have the time to post anything now. I've got about a month of solid work ahead of me and until then blogging will need to take a third or forth place. Having said that I will repost the occasional thing that catches my eye. It doesn't take much to do that.

So, first up, a new disorder. Originally found at Autism News Beat, it offers a clinical definition of the Disorder that those that won't vaccinate suffer from.

Final nail in the coffin for the AVN?

Anti-vaccination group stripped of status

A CONTROVERSIAL NSW-based anti-vaccination group has been stripped of its charitable status after the state government found its appeals had not been conducted in good faith.

The Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) was ordered in July to publish a disclaimer on its website stating the group was anti-vaccination and its material shouldn't be read as medical advice.

HCCC rule on AVN

The complaint filed with the HCCC against the AVN by Ken McLeod and Toni & David MacCaffery has been upheld. While this is a big win for rationality the next question is will the AVN follow through with the ruling? Does the HCCC have teeth?

HCCC report on the AVN to Ken McLeod

This reference was originally posted at the Vaccination Awareness and Information Service site and was made available by Ken Mcleod. It is available for public release. The attached file is the report.

Copeland Publishing have ethics and deserve to know it's noticed

Earlier this week (April 6th, 2010) Meryl Dorey, of the Australian VaccinationAnti-Vaccination Network, sent out a complaint to her mail list. The complaint centered around the refusal to take advertising from them. The company that was approached is Copeland Publishing. They publish a series of free, localized magazines that would appeal to new mothers and mothers of young kids. Dorey's target audience to a tee.

The newsletter is long and full of spite, with a sprinkling of conspiracy and a dash of irony. The ironic thing is that Dorey plays the ethics card. This coming from a group that is actively spreading mis-information due to their own active ignorance of how science actually works.


......"thats shocking!!!! I hate how our children are being guinea pigs for all of these new vaccines that they are coming up with!!!!...."Wow - Even more reason NOT to have my daughter vaccinated."...."GlaxoSmithKline, like other drug companies, will never allow results from confirming what many people already know.".....

Don't know if anyone noticed, but there was a death in the UK

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