Skeptics in the Pub for June, Thursday 7th in the Mao Bar on George Street. 7pm. Be there.

This week we are opening a parcel from Steve Darroch and I suspect it may be jammed full of placebo wrist bands. Jeff Grigg owes me thirty dollars. He gets fifteen of the suckers, and I dare him to wear them all at once. A megaplacebo superpower balance will result. A new superhero will be born. Captain middle America.
Talking with David Guest, we have some prize woo all the way from England to get our teeth into.
I want talk about Irlen Syndrome with you guys:
Some unbelievable bollocks being perpetrated about this syndrome.
And we shall of course be making stuff up as we go along.

If anyone would like to contribute to this agenda, fire away. See you next Thursday!

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