New Venue

Thanks to everyone who cam to the skeptics in the pub on Thursday. A fun evening. One of our members is unraveling a genetic mystery in algal dna that is a billion and a half years old. The evidence, not the actual dna. I am in awe of Barbara Schoenfeld. But don't tell her I said that. :-)
We had a great evening and we set about solving six mysteries that science cannot explain. I thought it would take about thirty minutes, 5 minutes per mystery, but I forgot how distractible skeptics are. But we nailed most of them, even with a pub quiz booming in our ears.

We also had a long conversation about the dangers of radiation. A really good skeptical topic this one...
The proposition is that the dangers of radiation from the testing (and use) of nuclear weapons, and of the catastrophic events at Fukushima, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island etc., have been exaggerated by the anti nuclear lobby. In short, have they been making claims that cannot be justified?
I threw this one in because of reading George Monbiot, following his links and hearing his rival (anti-nuclear campaigner Helen Caldicott) speak.
Hear is the first piece I read by him, and the more I look into it the more I am persuaded by his arguments. Helen Caldicott does not fare well in the exchanges.
What do you think?

I had planned also to talk about the post in Hawkes Bay Skeptics from Steve Darroch about homeopathy being taught at university.
I am sorry we missed that one, and I think we could look into that at the next SITP. It was a busy evening, thanks to all who attended, and here is Steve's link again:

And finally, we said we needed to go somewhere where there wasn't a pub quiz and it was suggested that we try the Mao Bar instead. I have made contact with them, they are keen to have us and we have a reservation. So NEW VENUE! The Mao Bar.
Also appropriate since Mao was an atheist, in fact had a signed copy of the God Delusion on his bookshelf. Fact.

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