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Skeptics in the Pub for June, Thursday 7th in the Mao Bar on George Street. 7pm. Be there.

This week we are opening a parcel from Steve Darroch and I suspect it may be jammed full of placebo wrist bands. Jeff Grigg owes me thirty dollars. He gets fifteen of the suckers, and I dare him to wear them all at once. A megaplacebo superpower balance will result. A new superhero will be born. Captain middle America.
Talking with David Guest, we have some prize woo all the way from England to get our teeth into.
I want talk about Irlen Syndrome with you guys:
Some unbelievable bollocks being perpetrated about this syndrome.

Skeptical Desiderata

Go skeptically amidst the lies and the guile, and take comfort in whatever rationality there may be.
As far as possible, without being an asshole, question established orthodoxies and fatuous argument. Speak your truth quietly and clearly even to the dull and ignorant, for though it conflicts with the evidence, they too have their story.
Avoid creationists and climate change deniers, for they are vexatious to rational argument and their minds are lost. You will argue with them in vain and become bitter.

March Skeptical Meetup in the Mao Bar, Palmerston North

Thanks very much to those of us who turned up at Mao’s Bar on George Street two weeks ago. Sorry it has taken so long to get this typed up!
We had some great discussions and I thought I should summarise some of what went on for those of us who didn’t make it. David.

PAlmerston North Skeptics in the Pub, 7pm, Thurs 1st March at the Mao Bar, George Street

Looking forward to our regular meetup at this new venue!

New Venue

Thanks to everyone who cam to the skeptics in the pub on Thursday. A fun evening. One of our members is unraveling a genetic mystery in algal dna that is a billion and a half years old. The evidence, not the actual dna. I am in awe of Barbara Schoenfeld. But don't tell her I said that. :-)
We had a great evening and we set about solving six mysteries that science cannot explain. I thought it would take about thirty minutes, 5 minutes per mystery, but I forgot how distractible skeptics are. But we nailed most of them, even with a pub quiz booming in our ears.

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