NZ women slutty - doctor

NZ women promiscuous - doctor: A Timaru gynaecologist wants a campaign against promiscuity after encountering a shocking number of pregnant patients who cannot remember whom they had sex with. Dr Albert Makary, who has been in Timaru for 20 years, called on national leaders, sports stars, schools and the media at a Forum on the Family in Auckland yesterday to "stigmatise" both promiscuity and the binge drinking that usually preceded it.

He cited a survey by a condom maker that said New Zealand women were the most promiscuous in the world, with 20.3 sexual partners on average. The world average was 7.3. Kiwi men were also above average with 16.8 partners. New Zealand was the only country where women had more sexual partners than men.

Dr Makary, a 52-year-old Christian originally from Egypt, said he was "an eyewitness of the pain" that promiscuity causes....

I'm calling bullshit on this one, mainly because he's using argumentum ad anecdote and the anti-sex, anti-abortion not to mention anti-fun religious right is behind this "Forum on the Family". Also because those slutty men bonking those women that get knocked up and can't remember it should be campaigned against too. It's only fair after all, it's their sperm getting in there that's causing the pregnancies.

This "Forum on the Family" and the people behind it are so clueless that they'd campaign against this imaginary epidemic of "promiscuity" and then advocate for abstinence-only sex education and reduce access to sexual health services. We know that doesn't work (citation: The US of A).

It should be about educating people, not about shaming them.

Women in Timaru and everywhere else need good doctors who can put their prejudices aside and treat them as people and it's appalling they get characterised in this way by a health professional. It's also poor to see a doctor using the Durex survey as evidence of anything, it's a online survey with all the flaws inherent in that. It also doesn't help his other claim about "drinking culture" being part of this, he's got nothing there to prove women are comatose with the evil drink while bonking those 20.3 partners and getting knocked up or even that 20.3 partners denotes promiscuity.

Edit: It also occurs to me, that if he's talking about women coming to him and they say they cannot remember what happened that is arguably an instance of rape, not "promiscuity" and instead of trying to get a campaign started to shame every woman in NZ for having sex he should be referring them to the police and other relevant social services. I'd say odds on though, it's more likely he's making it up to suit his agenda or that given his obvious judgemental attitude, the person he is treating is too embarrassed to answer his intrusive questions. He doesn't need to know who they are having sex with in most cases, what he actually needs to know is only relevant information to ensure the woman's health needs are met such as other pregnancies and social supports they have. The fact is in as much as he has any anecdotal evidence, it's going to be massively skewed as most women with normal pregnancies see a Midwife so he's mostly only seeing high-risk pregnancies and further, gynaecological problems severe enough to require referral.

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