Homoeopaths sell fake vaccines

http://www.endohealth.co.nz/ - is selling such items as Homoeopathic immunisation and "travel kits" which offer such remedies as "Natrium Muriaticum 200C Nat Mur - This will protect against all types of Malaria...." and Remedy "Haemophilus 200" and disease "H I B" (this abbreviation is for Haemophilus influenzae type B which causes severe pneumonia and meningitis in infants).

They say “Endo Health Limited provides accessible and experienced health care based on Homoeopathic principles as defined by Dr Samuel Hahnemann in the Sixth edition of The Organon of Medicine. We also manufacture and supply a full range of homoeopathic products, both classical and complexes, in a number of different presentations. We provide Homoeopathic prophylaxis for childhood diseases, and individualised kits for travel to areas where there is risk of exotic diseases, as well as kits to alleviate the medical dangers of travelling by aircraft. We provide information on vaccines used in the prevention of childhood diseases. Unless stated otherwise, all this information is sourced from Medical journals and has been available to all Medical Practitioners and Medical authorities.”

One of the homoeopaths claims to have been a pharmacist for many years and is "President of the Homoeopathic Association of New Zealand", an organisation which appears to be non-existent.

The site goes on to say:

"Homoeopathic Immunisation or Homoeoprophylaxis: Homoeoprophylaxis (HP) means the using of a Homoeopathic preparation with the intent of preventing the appearance of disease in an individual or population. The actual homoeopathic preparation used in any particular case may be either a classical preparation, a nosode, (prepared from diseased tissue or from the product of disease), or an Isopathic preparation (made from the disease organism or toxin).

Experience and research by many homoeopaths over the last two hundred years has established the safety and effectiveness of HP in providing protection against infectious diseases. HP was used before the development of modern vaccines and continues to be used with a success rate equal to or better than that claimed for modern vaccines. (references) Health authorities admit that vaccination of young children has a degree of risk and that unwanted effects do happen. Many people are convinced that such adverse effects are greatly under-reported and are minimised by the medical profession as a whole. These effects range from mild redness and pain at the injection site through to very serious reactions which can cause lifelong problems and even death.

Injections of themselves should not cause these reactions ask any insulin dependent diabetic. The reactions are caused by the many chemicals and foreign proteins included with the vaccines, and through the disease organism being introduced to the body by an unnatural means. Homoeopathic Immunisation Kits based on the programme used in Australia for some 20 years, are available in New Zealand. This gives parents who are uncomfortable with the risks of the standard vaccination programme a further choice. Parents who choose not to accept the standard vaccination programme can still protect their children using the HP Immunisation programme. The Immunisation Kits are prepared individually for each child by a Pharmacist and Homoeopath. For details go to the Infants Immunisation page.

Exotic Disease & Travel Risks: HP if equally effective for the protection of travellers from exotic disease such as malaria, typhoid, cholera and many others. Persons travelling to at risk places can protect themselves from the endemic diseases by taking one homoeopathic dose every two weeks. Equally they can protect against the perils of air travel - radiation - pesticides - and air transmitted respiratory and other diseases. For more information go to the Travel Immunisation page.

Influenza Protection: We can supply a simple and effective immunisation against influenza. This is a liquid homoeopathic preparation made from a combination of all the influenza viruses that have been identified in New Zealand and other southern hemisphere countries during the preceding three to five years. This is presented in a spray bottle and contains sufficient to give protection to a family of four to six persons for a whole season. Dosage is simple - a dose of one or two puffs in the mouth twice a day for three consecutive days each month during the autumn and winter will give a high level of protection. For more information click here.

If there is something worse than irrationally refusing vaccines and other medical treatment, it's using fake vaccines. The Ministry of Health says “There is no evidence that homoeopathic ‘immunisation’ provides any protection against infectious diseases. The UK Faculty of Homoeopathy supports conventional immunisation.” (ref “21 Vaccination questions and concerns”). This would be likely to breach a number of areas, like in making therapeutic claims (as per the New Zealand Regulatory Guidelines for Medicines) so Medsafe has been contacted. Probably a slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket is the most that can be expected if they bother to do anything at all, but it's still better than doing nothing.

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Looks like an easy complaint

Looks like an easy complaint to the ASA will sort this one out. Will try for it over the weekend if I find any time.

I've been busy so put that

I've been busy so put that particular one on the backburner, other than contacting Medsafe. I'm hoping they will eventually contact me back with an update, the ASA is one extra place you can go to complain. This would be a cut and dried case, it's easy to see that their information doesn't meet any proper standards for advertising.

All sorted now. As the media

All sorted now. As the media embargo is over (the Authority will have released the formal decision to the media on the 12th) I can say that the site has settled and made radical changes to the site when I checked. Still selling the stuff and still got links to anti-vaccination sites, but not related to product sales so have to consider that a win.