if you want to know about God ask an atheist.

I thought this might be of amusement to the pundits here: How Ignorant About Religion Are Religious Americans?

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My Assumption

The new study that Americans who identify as religious know less than those who identify as atheist was big news here in the USA. It made it to the TV news shows and NPR, the US equivalent of BBC. One theory is that those who have had a higher, or deeper level of general education reach the conclusion that religion does not logically explain many of the things it proposes to. Ignorance is bliss? Ignorance is hell...and heaven, and fictional characters! Once you choose the path of ignorance, fools may become your guide, and you become their marionette. Free will? My Assumption.

The other hypothesis I've

The other hypothesis I've heard as to why the religious on average have lower IQ is because those with lower IQ are less able to see though the rhetoric and more likely to be swayed bit it, thus pulling the average down. This would be different, but not exclusive, with your suggestion that the smart bring the atheists up. I don't follow your last statement though.

I should probably add that I

I should probably add that I agree with the person who described the survey as basically trivia questions. I found the result amusing but don't think it's significant in any particular way.

USA today picked you up


But they don't seem to realised that The Skepticator is an automated blog aggregation service and that the original article came from Hemant Mehta's blog.

So I guess if you want to know about how the internet works, don't ask USA Today

Heh so they did. XD They also

Heh so they did. XD

They also seem to have missed that the title I used was (mis)quoting the LA times so they can't have read the article I actually linked. :P