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NZBus cave to pressure and break the law

The New Zealand Atheist Bus campaign suffered an entertaining setback today when they announced that NZBus, the company that would be carrying most of the advertising, has now rejected the campaign.

Reply to NZ Homeopathic Council Mass Overdose Press Release

January 30th, 2010 saw the first concerted world wide attempt to open the eyes of the general public to the reality of what Homeopathy really is.

The effort started with the 10:23 movement in the UK but was quickly picked up by many other skeptical groups around the world. The event was scheduled to start at 10:23am so, living in the future, Christchurch New Zealand was the first to hit the start time. We managed to get 25-30 people show up for the event which was pretty good for 2-3 days preparation.

Plans for 2010

I'm not a big fan of New Year Resolutions. They tend to be things that you never get around to until it's too late and at that point... well... it's too late.

So instead, I'm getting a few goals. Some are personal, others aren't and some are aimed firmly at NZ Skeptics in the Pub.

AVN Autisim Webinar Slides

Last night I had the unfortunate experience of attending one of Meryl Dorey's webinars on homeopathy and it's use in treating autism. There were a number of us ( @podblack, @dianne_, @bastardsheep, @fuzztwin and @joel_birch) in a skype back channel taking notes.

Briskepticon; dinner announcements

Sorry for being so lax on reporting from Briskepticon. Have been listening to the talks, which are excellent by the way, and have been focusing on live reporting via twitter. There is a fairly decent back channel going on.

What I did want to report on sooner rather than later is the announcements from the dinner last night.

Five things Christians can do to seem more Intelligent

This article is in response to a comment PZ Myers made in his post, Advice for atheists?, which was, in turn, a response to "Five things that would make atheists seem nicer".

I'm not going to address the points in the original post. PZ does a damned fine job of that. Instead I'm going to make my own list. I'd like to recommend that others do the same and use the trackback URL to link back to the original post.


NZ Skeptics Conference 2009 AGM

The AGM of the NZ Skeptics Inc was held at the NZ Skeptics Conference 2009.

As with most AGM's this was fairly dry, procedural stuff. There were two things that are worthy of reporting on however.

First Auckland Skeptics in the Pub

The First Auckland Skeptics in the Pub gathering was held at the Horse and Trap in Mt Eden. It's quite a nice place and the lower floor, which was reserved for the event, was the perfect size for the crowd.

Faith Healers - Praying or Preying?

It was probably too much to hope for. Yesterday The Press posted an article titled "Faith healers attack cancer with prayer". Thanks to @lucilu for the pointer.

I was hoping that this would have slipped under the radar as I'm from Christchurch and I have to say, this is just embarrassing. Which radar? That of the esteemed PZ Myers. We're a small country wanting to make a decent contribution where we can. We have our share of rational thinking people, but this article isn't how I'd want people to think of my home town. Thanks to the New Zealand Healing Rooms for that mud on our collective faces.

I read the article with trepidation and couldn't believe what they were reporting.

Welcome to the Skeptics in the Pub

My name is Gold, I'm from Christchurch and I'm a Skeptic.

I've been following the usual podcasts for a few years now one thing that I noticed was that 'Skeptics in the Pub' is a growing thing world wide. I always liked the idea so I've started it here in New Zealand. I'm pleased to announce that the idea is growing steadily. Currently we have one active group in Christchurch and one growing group in Auckland that are being run from If you're interested in coming along please do. Details of the times and locations are on the sites. The gatherings are open to the public but if you could RSVP for each event that would assist us with warning the pubs in advance as to the numbers to expect.

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