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A Handy Alternative Therapy Flowchart

@Crispian_Jago has produced a fantastic flowchart to assist you with determining which Alt-Med option is best suited for you. Click through to see the full sized version on his blog.

Final nail in the coffin for the AVN?

Anti-vaccination group stripped of status

A CONTROVERSIAL NSW-based anti-vaccination group has been stripped of its charitable status after the state government found its appeals had not been conducted in good faith.

The Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) was ordered in July to publish a disclaimer on its website stating the group was anti-vaccination and its material shouldn't be read as medical advice.

Dr Nancy Malik, Homeopathy SpamBot, Debunked

For those that don't know, "Dr" Nancy Malik is a very prolific commenter on Science, Medicine and Skeptical based blogs. When ever the word "homeopathy" is intoned she shows up for a drive-by comment and almost never engages in conversation. She is so prolific that there are a number of us that have started referring to her as the NancyBot. Personally I'm not entirely unconvinced that she isn't using a script to make her posts.

Her latest claims have proven that not only can she not read or understand scientific papers, she can't count either.

Public response to Alan Freestone(Homeopath) due to censored comments

So... It seems HomeopathyUK don't really like having the truth pointed out. My response there was deleted. So, instead, I thought I'd post it here, where they can't censor it.

Anti-science & the Denialists was posted yesterday and did the rounds on #ten23. The post is whining about an article published in the American Journal of Medicine entitled "Should We Maintain an Open Mind about Homeopathy?" by Michael Baum and Edzard Ernst. As is typical of these blogs, the author completely misses the point.

Linda Bryder, Twitter and timing

One of the speakers this morning was Linda Bryder who was speaking on the response to her book, A History of the "Unfortunate Experiment" at National Women's Hospital. I don't know much about this and have no opinion either way. However, there was a response on Twitter to it. I thought a couple of the comments should have been fairly easy to verify and thought I'd look into it.

So, the claims/challenge;

Bryder claims she got no right of reply in mainstream media coverage of her book on unfortunate experiment #nzskeptic

Google Bomb the AVN

So, the Australian Vaccination Network has had their arse handed to them. The media no longer seems to call on them for "balance" and they're regularly being taken to task on the radio. Since the HCCC reached their conclusion and Ken McLeod released it to the world I can only think of one interview where Meryl Dorey was not taken to task. It does indeed feel like the Australian Vaccination Network is finally circling the drain.

The Implausibility of Possum Peppering

I read "Heavens aligning for fiery possum cure" and was mildly stunned that this was taken seriously enough to be considered "news". Even more stunned that this may actually be being considered. I was going to write a post about this but feel that this post by Alison Campbell does the job well. Hat tip to SciBlogs for syndicating this.

Repost: What You’re Doing Is Important

This post from @SurlyAmy of SkepChick and Surly Ramics fame is just fantastic. For those of you that have wondered how to describe what it is that we do as Skeptics, this should be informative and inspiring.

When I read this I felt that this was something that had to be in many places in its entirety. Amy has allowed it to be reproduced here with permission.

HCCC rule on AVN

The complaint filed with the HCCC against the AVN by Ken McLeod and Toni & David MacCaffery has been upheld. While this is a big win for rationality the next question is will the AVN follow through with the ruling? Does the HCCC have teeth?

NZSitP: Year Zero

I had been listening to skeptical and science-based podcasts for about four years when I decided that I wanted to so something more than just listen. I’d heard about a lecture series that was held in a pub in London 10 years ago; when the series ended the gatherings kept going.

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