Submission Day : Natural Health Products Bill

Today is the last day for submissions on this proposed Bill.

I've finished compiling the suggestions from the forums and updated the document on the NZSitP site. Vicki also submitted the attached document this morning on behalf of the NZ Skeptics. I've filled in some of the blanks in the NZSitP document with answers from Vicki's.

I was contacted by someone in a position to have experience of this process. They advised the more submissions made the better and that a submission with many signatures is still one submission so send in individual copies. They did add that e-mail submissions carry the same worth as posted submissions. I guess govt is slowly moving into the 21st century.

So, look over the attached doc and/or the NZSitP one and cut'n'paste as much or as little as you like into your submission.

The address to send it to is;
nhpproposal [at] moh [dot] govt [dot] nz

The NZSitP submission is here;

Please spread this as far and wide as you can. There's nothing in the documentation that says those submitting have to be Kiwis.

If you do make a submission, could you add a comment here? I'm curious how far this will go.

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Well... Just sent mine.

Well... Just sent mine.

I got my in too...slightly

I got my in too...slightly late by the time I'd found the time to do some last minute revisions and it got stuck in my email outbox. Got the reply confirming receipt, they said they'd got it just fine.