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FishBarrel: The easy way to report misleading health claims online.

Simon Perry runs the Leicester Skeptics in the Pub, campaigns against pseudo-science and his current focus is to encourage more people to get active campaigning against dangerous medical misinformation. To this end he's written a wonderful extension for Chrome that makes the process of submitting an ASA complaint quick, simple and painless.

The extension allows you to highlight various parts of a page or site that you wish to challenge and store them for the submission. When you've finished selecting the text you wish to challenge a couple of clicks will take you to the reporting form which it will prefill for you and you're done.

One of the neat things about it is that it stores the highlighted text in a central database. When you indicate to the extension that you want to use it it will examine the site you're on and show you text that others have already reported on.

This extension currently supports the ASA and Trading Standards in the UK. He's currently working on added the US and Australia to it. After I asked about adding New Zealand it appears he may be opening up the code a little so that others can assist him in adding other authorities to the extension.

We may soon have a very good tool at our disposal.

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Sounds pretty cool - will look forward to seeing it. Shame I don't have the knowledge or skill to help with NZ localisation

FishBarrel now supports

FishBarrel now supports Australian services. :)

A Firefox plugin would be

A Firefox plugin would be good.
I don't use Chrome, and see no reason to install it specially, but would still like to be able to shoot fish in a barrel.