NZ follows suit on challenging Chiropractic

A few days ago there was an article in The Press on Stuff, Chiropractors' treatments questioned, which reports on the "baseless claims about treating conditions such as asthma, ear infections and colic". The research appears in the New Zealand Medical Journal and covers a review of 200 websites of chiropractors and the claims they make. The results were quite damning.

I get the impression that the BCA Vs Simon Singh case that has been going on for the last 2 years is gaining momentum and drawing attention to chiropractic on the larger international stage.

Nothing but good news.

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I wonder if they'll posture

I wonder if they'll posture about this like when the NZMJ wrote about chiropractors misusing the term "Doctor" in an misleading way and they tried to shut them up with a lawyer. I used to think that in NZ, most chiropractors stuck to the one thing there is evidence for (bad backs) but no more. Hopefully more attention will be focused on this situation, where they are making claims for which there is no evidence and which may be harmful for children, who deserve the best evidence based care for those conditions. They are not trivial, asthma can kill.

No posturing so far

Michelle asked whether the chiropractors would posture after the survey. Suprisingly, they didn't. I think they may have learned from the Singh vs BCA debacle in the UK Unfortunately, a quick check of NZ chiropractor's websites shows they still make the same old claims: asthma, Carpal tunnel syndrome, colic... And call themselves doctor!

You are absolutely correct that asthma can kill - and that is why only proper medical professionals should treat sufferers.

ASA may be the way to go

I'm in the process of compiling a submission to the ASA against DORE.

I'm thinking that once that's done I may take the approach that one guy in the UK did. Write a script that searched NZ Chiro sites for trigger words and flag these for attention. Grab the addresses and claims and build a submission based on these.

If anyone is interested in helping, let me know.


One of the reasons I have become a skeptic is the shame I have after being taken for hundreds of pounds by a British chiropractor. My brain was telling me something was wrong but I was in pain and the certificates on the wall looked the real deal. Now I know. I will happily do what I can to help with bringing into line any NZ quacks, I mean chiropractors.

Yeah, but you got better

Yeah, but you got better right? You realised the quackery they promote and stopped going. :) Don't feel shamed. When presented with the evidence you altered how you thought about them. If you'd stoically stuck to your guns despite the evidence then yeah, you should be shamed. But you didn't. :)