Christchurch SitP Organisers

As many of you know I'm now in Wellington. I'm looking at making this a permanent move which means I'm going to want a new organiser (or organisers) for the Christchurch Skeptics in the Pub group.

Toby has recently had a change of circumstances which is soaking his time quite a bit (hence the lack of atheist video nights). These have been picked up with the recent addition of the Cosmos viewings at Isaac's which I'm disappointed with at having missed to date.

The new person(people) shall be someone that spends a reasonable amount of time online. Either personally or for work (where they also have a little breathing space to deal to personal online tasks) and someone that is willing to

  • keep this site, meetup and facebook updated with events (easy with the recurring event feature)
  • arrange or schedule speakers
  • run the occasional pub quiz (they're starting to appearing on the site at for those with the quizmaster role)
  • come up with any other ideas you think would entertain, educate or just amuse

Even if you're just interested in doing one of these items I'm happy to give you access to Meetup so you can edit event details (i.e. add a bit about your part of the night). The more we spread out the tasks among people the less work needed for any one person.

We have a reasonably low traffic NZ SitP Organisers mail list that you will be added too also. The idea behind this is to allow the various cities to coordinate events and to bounce ideas for events off the organisers at other venues.

So yeah... Anyone want to step up? One of the first tasks would be to find a new venue. While The Hop looks sound it's going to be ages before we could use it again. Pomeroys is open for business already. That's a nice venue, but I'm not sure if the layout would suit. The restruant area could cater for a group the size of ChchSitP reasonably well though should people consider turning it into a dinner event.

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