ACC under the microscope again

The Society for Science Based Healthcare is taking a closer look at ACC payouts to those claiming for acupuncture.

The OIA request, Acupuncture Spending Breakdown, was just made today by @markHoney and is asking "For as far back as there are records available, I would like breakdowns of ACC’s spending on acupuncture."

The breakdown is in two parts;
A breakdown as described in the Injury Statistics Tool. This, at least, is collecting a decent amount of data and it is not unreasonable to expect this to be being saved.

The second is a breakdown according to the ACCs own Acupuncture Treatment Profiles document. This is an interesting read in and of itself. I would not have expected a body like the ACC to be supporting prescientific thinking as it is plainly described in this document.

The reply should be interesting.

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