NZ atheist bus campaign starts today

The NZ atheist bus campaign was officially launched today. They are relying solely on donations from the public, so please if you feel inclined to spread the idea of rational thought in a secular humanist society, head over there and give them a couple of dollars.

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Think it's a good idea,

Think it's a good idea, especially as there is a gigantic billboard at our local service station featuring the lords prayer from this outfit here... If it's OK for religious groups to run their ad campaigns, it's OK to raise awareness that atheism is a valid choice.

Yes it is needed

I have noticed quite a few religious billboards around Auckland, such as I'm Listening - God, and "I was just thinking about you" God "I don't mind if you yell at me, at least we're talking" God. I actually thought that pretending you are god would be considered blasphemy, but I guess not.

They are organised by this group I think

Religions also have other ways of advertising, churches normally have large signs outside them with relgious 'advertising', there are numerous tv shows that either have a religious theme, or are outright evangelising. There are religious groups that come to schools to offer bible classes, after school activities, holiday programmes etc etc etc.

This is just one way that we can spread the message to closet atheists that there are others out there like them, and we can get organised, we can make a difference, and we do not have to pander to religions.

I know NZ is a pretty secular country already, but there are still a number of fundamentalist groups out there and people do still make decisions based on their religious beliefs that affect more than just themselves.

is it needed?

I don't know if we really need this here. The UK campaign came about due to the advertising on the buses by religion didn't it? I don't recall ever seeing religious advertising on buses here. At least, not in Christchurch. Do we want to start that by firing the first shot?

Despite that, I've donated $20 anyway. :)

The author asks what's the point. 103 comments later. Its been generating heaps of conversation.