Learn more about "Natural Health"

Want to know more about natural healthcare? Here’s your chance!

On Saturday, September 12, the New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners Inc (NZCHP) are holding a one-day Natural Healthcare Expo, offering the public the chance to experience natural healthcare modalities and meet the practitioners behind them.

So if you want to learn more about makey uppy health care then head on down.

Apparently you will be able to

explore and experience numerous modalities including: Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Kinesiology, Breathwork, Su Jok Onnuri, Flower Essences, Self Realization meditation/healing, Ortho-Bionomy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Natural Medicine and Natural Healing.

I'll be there with some of the skeptic society handouts and wearing a t-shirt that says something only mildly offensive to nut-jobs.

For those of you that follow Mark Edward's blog on Skepticblog.org this could be your opportunity to join Force One and make a serious contribution to enlightening people about what skeptics do and why.

Lets try to get a big group of skeptics down there to ask some hard questions. Sue Kedgley will be there giving a talk on

‘The Viability of Integrating Natural Healthcare into the New Zealand Health System’.

I would love to hear her explain how flower essences should be incorporated into the New Zealand health system!!

Shhhh....I can feel my Common Sense tingling

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Damn. I'm in Auckland on

Damn. I'm in Auckland on Thursday for the first SitP gathering. I should have pushed the flight out to include the weekend. :/ Ah well...

Just out of interest, what's on the tee shirt?

I'm thinking "Do you know what they cal Alternative Medicine that works?" would be a good one. :)


I want one!!!!

I want one!!!!

That is cool! :)

That is cool! :)

Heh, that would be a

Heh, that would be a wonderful thing to see. Not in living in the right area though.

I suspect Kedgley will have some weird and wonderful ideas, luckily here there isn't the budget in healthcare to add in sectarian therapies (well they certainly are not alternative to anything real medicine offers) - there's enough of a struggle funding the evidence based stuff. Mind you the cynic in me could just about see them cutting out a few nurses and doctors to fund fake treatment, this is ideology masquerading as medicine after all and politicians would have the means to shove something like this in despite it's worthlessness.