Kiwis with their heads screwed on

Its always good to hear real medical doctors speaking up about the stupidity and danger of homeopathy.

There are some sane NZ'ers out there.

But before we start to rejoice, there is another sort of kiwi. Wellngton homeopath Gwyneth Evans has been elected chairperson of the International Council of Homeopaths!!!

She says the current aim of ICH is to show a united front internationally for homeopathy in order to gain WHO NGO status and to continue to set education guidelines for homeopathy colleges around the globe.

Aaaaahhhh the stupid .... it burns.

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You'd think things like the

You'd think things like the 480% increase (5 year-mean-to-date this quarter) in Pertussis (whooping cough) in would raise a few red flags...

This report is from Oz and they have a particularly rabid Anti-vaxer that is pushing magic water as a viable alternative.

Surveillance Branch, Office of Health Protection

...and the homeopaths will

...and the homeopaths will carry on dishing out magic water drops.

Really it shouldn't just be the job of a couple of researchers to highlight this, the MOH and our universities should be sending the message loud and clear that what we are dealing with here is quackery and fraud, not healthcare.

True. One of the things that

True. One of the things that came up at the Auckland meetup last night was the fact that we need more people to be proactive on these things.

I came across a really good post from Mark Edwards on Skepticblog about just this sort of thing. I'm thinking we should have a Force One here too.