EU tightening up on regulatory claims - good news for quality science, bad news for the cowboys

Looks like the EU are making it increasingly difficult for products claiming to have health benefits making it to the market.

October 2 was not a good day for many in the functional foods and food supplements business in the European Union as the meaning of life under a highly restrictive health claims regime came more into focus.

All along the value chain, it’s plan B time folks – does your company have plan B? Can you gather the science EFSA requires for a resubmission? If not, you had better shelve those health claim plans.

This is great news for people doing real health science, and even better news for consumers who will no longer be ripped off by products claiming to have health benefits.

A couple of the more well known products that have not made it past the submission process are taurine as an energy booster, and glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health.

This is a real bonus for evidence based research, and is in my mind a great step in the right direction.

Just thinking about all those health food fraudsters whinging and moaning makes me smile.

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now how long do you think it will take for the sensible euro approach to reach here........

(or the "it must be true it must be true it must be true it must be true it must be true " brigagde keep it out

They tried that with the

They tried that with the Therapeutics bill. Anyone would have thought that requiring even the minimal level of ensuring that the products were of sufficient quality to be sold was a huge conspiracy to remove the right to shove large amounts of vitamins down their gobs.

Think we miss the boat on that one

When I think back to when the therapeutics bill was "debated" it seemed that once again politics fails as the emotional call for people to be allowed to ingest whatever the local "person who appears to be similar to a Quack" recommends is a powerful one. and then there are the great and wonderful anedotial evidence.....

Oh well back to lie down on my Bio Mag